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Directed byJayaraj
Written bySudhish-John
Music byJaison J. Nair
Release date
  • 23 August 2006 (2006-08-23)

Aanachandam is a 2006 Indian Malayalam language film directed by Jayaraj and starring Jayaram. It was released in 2006.[1]


Aanachandam is about Krishna Prasad (Jayaram) who is crazy about elephants. When he was a ten-year-old child his father had taken him to the village temple to attend the festival. An elephant which ran amok during the festival knocked the boy over, placed his front foot on the lad's chest, but then spared him.

His love for elephants started on that day. He started studying about elephants and their habits. His regular education suffered upsetting his people at home. He failed in several jobs in which elephants had a role to play. Debts began to mount. It is at this juncture that Gowri and her mother come to stay with him. He gives them shelter.

Anirudhan is the very opposite of what Krishna Prasad is. An owner of seven elephants, he has hardly any love for the animals and uses them only as a means to earn income.The movie was hit at the boxoffice and ran over 100 days in thrissur.



The film's soundtrack contains 8 songs, all composed by Jaison J. Nair. Lyrics by Kanesh Punoor and P. C. Aravindan.

# Title Singer(s)
1 "Arikil Varoo" Rakesh Brahmanandan, Nasnin
2 "Dhikidu Dhikidu" Balu, Jayakrishnan
3 "Ganeshaarchana" Bhavya Lakshmi
4 "Guruvayoor Unnikkannanu" Madhu Balakrishnan
5 "Shyaamavaaniletho Kanikkonna [F]" Akhila Anand
6 "Shyaamavaaniletho Kanikkonna [M]" G. Venugopal
7 "Thakida Thakida" M. G. Sreekumar
8 "Venalvanikayiln" V. Devanand


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