Tilottama Municipality

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Tilottama Municipality
तिलोत्तमा नगरपालिका
Tilottama Municipality is located in Nepal
Tilottama Municipality
Tilottama Municipality
Location in Nepal
Coordinates: 27°37′48″N 83°27′36″E / 27.63000°N 83.46000°E / 27.63000; 83.46000Coordinates: 27°37′48″N 83°27′36″E / 27.63000°N 83.46000°E / 27.63000; 83.46000
Country    Nepal
Development Region Western Development Region
Zone Lumbini
District Rupandehi
 • Total 126.2 km2 (48.7 sq mi)
Population (2011)
 • Total 100,149[1]
 • Density 792/km2 (2,050/sq mi)
Time zone NST (UTC+5:45)
A.O.P. (Area Postal Code) 32903

Tilottama Municipality is a town in western Nepal. It was formed on May 8, 2014; when the Government of Nepal announced additional 72 municipalities, including previously-proposed 37 municipalities in line with the Local Self-governance Act, 1999. On July 25, 2014; demarcation of the municipality was done along with the assignment of new wards.[2] The original demarcation included six existing VDCs viz. Shankarnagar VDC, Aanandaban VDC, Karahiya VDC, Makrahar VDC, Tikuligadh VDC & Madhabaliya VDC. Gangoliya VDC was later merged in the municipality on 17 September 2015.[3]

At the time of the 1991 Nepal census, it had a population of 6894 people living in 1193 individual households.[4] As of the 2011 census, after adding Gangoliya VDC, the total population became 100,149.


Tilottama Municipality is named after the local river Tilottama. Whereas, the Tilottama river was named after an Apsara named Tilottama as described in Hindu mythology. "Tila" is the Sanskrit word for sesame seed or a bit and "uttama" means better or higher. Tilottama therefore means the being whose smallest particle is the finest or one who is composed of the finest and highest qualities.[5]

Administrative Divisions[edit]

Sr. No. Ward No Formerly
1 1 Shankarnagar 1,4,5
2 2 Shankarnagar 2,3
3 3 Shankarnagar 8,9
4 4 Shankarnagar 6,7
5 5 Anandaban 3,4,5
6 6 Anandaban 1,2,6,7,8,9
7 7 Karahiya 3,4,5,6,7
8 8 Karahiya 8
9 9 Karahiya 1,2,9
10 10 Makrahar 1,2,3
11 11 Makrahar 4,6,7,8
12 12 Makrahar 5,9
13 13 Tikuligadh 2,5,6,9
14 14 Tikuligadh 1,3,4,7,8
15 15 Madhabaliya 1,2,3,4,6
16 16 Madhabaliya 5,7,8,9
17 17 Gangoliya VDC


Crimson Hospital Private Limited in Manigram is the only hospital in the municipality. It is a registered 50 bedded hospital with multidiscipilinary facilities including 5 bedded ICU. The government Hospital Register no is 11/068/069. This hospital is run by Crimson College of Technology affiliated to Pokhara University. The facilities of the hospital includes General Medicine, General Surgery, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, ENT, Neuropsychiatric, Dermatology, Gyane and obs., Radiology, Anesthesia, Dental and Physiotherapy. It provides 24 hours services for Emergency, Laboratory, ECG, X-RAY (CR System), Pharmacy.[6]

There are many private clinics and government health-posts. Beside these, there are auxiliary centers and private medical halls in every part of the Municipality. But the citizens of municipality are not far from the regional hospital of Butwal and Bhairawaha, which is just 10 km away from the area. The Crimson Hospital, Lumbini Eye care center and other Dental and medical centers of the Manigram are serving more than 50% patient of this Municipality.


Tilottama Campus was established in 1996 as the first private college in Rupandehi with the mission "to create excellent learning ambiance through innovation in teaching, research, consultancy and other professional services for producing competent professionals with developed intuition & insight for coping with global challenges". Since its establishment, the college has been running +2 programme in science and management in Affiliation with Higher Secondray Education Board, Nepal. Similarly, it is also running Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) programme in affiliation with Pokhara University. It is also planning to launch Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in the near future. The college has been imparting a quality education since its incorporation. Its Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) results during the last 16 years have proved that Tilottama Campus has become a home for quality education. It has already been awarded time and again by HSEB for its excellence. In BBA as well the college has high success rate of its students. Tilottama Campus has also been awarded in the list of the Top Ten Business Schools of Nepal by New Business Age magazine.[7]

Rammani Multiple Campus is situated at 8 km south from Butwal Sub-Metropolitan City and 15 km north from Siddharthanagar Municipality. It is about 600m west to the Siddhartha Highway. This campus was established in 2045 B.S. Under T.U. by taking initiation by the social workers, educationists, local guardians, teachers, landlords, merchants etc. contributed to set up this campus. It is named of the Famous national Educationist & Linguist Rammani. Initially, only Management programme was launched taking affiliation from T.U. Currently, two different streams Humanities, and Management are running in master's degree level Under T.U. In the same way, three different streams namely Management, Education and Humanities are running in bachelor's degree. And Science, Management, Education & Humanities are running under Higher Secondary Board. Campus regularly publishes its annual academic calendar, annual mouthpiece "Deepika", and research journal " The Journal of Academic Development."[8]

Lumbini Engineering College in Bhalwari is the only engineering college in the municipality. It was established in 2000 with the motto "Imparting technical knowledge, skill and scientific attitude to the young talent and creating consciousness among the common people towards practical aspects of science and technology". The courses offered by the college are BCA, BE Civil, BE Computer, BE Electronics and Communication, MSc Construction Management, Diploma in Civil Engineering, Diploma in Computer Engineering and Diploma in Electronics Engineering.[9]

Popular Places[edit]

Shankarnagar Ban Bihar and Research Center[edit]

Shankarnagar Ban Bihar and Research Centre, simply referred as Ban Batika by locals is a popular attraction in Tilottama Municipality.[10] The Centre is maintained inside the area of Shankarnagar Community Forest.[11] It was formally inaugurated by the Spokesperson of Constituent Assembly of Nepal on 12th Poush 2064.[12] It is popular for its picnic spots, zoo and garden.

It was awarded Abraham Conservation Award by WWF in 2014 for its contribution in safeguarding the biodiversity of Nepal.[13]


Ostrich Nepal in Gangoliya is the largest ostrich farm in Asia with an area of 8.81 Acers.[14] It is a private company started in 2008. It has its higher mission to export meat of Rs. Five billion as well as leather, fat and feather of around Rs. 2.5 billion to the international market till 2020.[15] It has provided the locals with job opportunities. People from various part of country visit the farm daily to see the alien bird.

Jay Shiva Shakti Water Industries in Tilottama-11, Pradeepnagar is one of the processed drinking water industry of the municipality. Private Company established in 2012, the industries mainly focuses in providing the pure drinking water for the people. The company provides the job for local people thus promoting the better health along with better economy of people living in the municipality.


The municipality was established in 2014 by the government of Nepal. There are 24 wards in this municipality. The municipality is bordered by Devdaha to the east and northeast, Butwal to the north, Padshari to the south and Motipur to the west.


Radio Lumbini at 96.8 MHz is the most popular community radio service in the municipality. It is one of the earliest station to broadcast outside the Kathmandu Valley. It promotes local culture and airs local news. Lumbini Quiz is very popular among the students. While folk music and local news is popular among the adult population.


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