Aarón Hernán

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Aarón Hernán
Aaron hernan.jpg
Wife Edith Sánchez
Aarón Hernández
Edith Hernández
Full name
Aarón Hernández Rodríguez
Father José de la Luz Hernández
Mother Amadita Rodríguez
Born November 20, 1930
Camargo, Chihuahua, Mexico
Occupation Actor

Aarón Hernán (Spanish pronunciation: [aˈɾon erˈnan]; born November 20, 1930 in Camargo, Chihuahua, Mexico) is a Mexican telenovela and film actor.[1][2]

He has a medal called General Ángel Trías Álvarez.



Aarón Hernán was born on November 20, 1930 in Camargo, Chihuahua, Mexico as Aarón Hernández Rodríguez.[3]

His mother was Amadita Rodríguez, but his father was José de la Luz Hernández. His brother is named Héctor Hernández.

Aarón, named after the brother of Moses, married Edith Sánchez who bore him a son Aarón and daughter Edith.[4][5]



Hernán is very known for his roles in telenovelas.

His best-known role was that of an old Don Alonso in Marisol. The main character was lovely Marisol, Alonso's granddaughter, played by Erika Buenfil. Alonso’s son Leonardo was played by famous Enrique Álvarez Félix, who died soon after he made his last work in Marisol.

Other notable role is that of Father Augusto in Tormenta en el paraíso.

He also played priests in some other telenovelas.


Hernán appeared in Apolinar, a fantasy drama film and Black Wind.

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