Aardwolf (MUD)

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For the mammal, see Aardwolf.
Developer(s) "Lasher", project community
Platform(s) Platform independent
Release date(s) December 1996
Genre(s) Fantasy MUD
Mode(s) Multiplayer

Aardwolf is a MUD (text-based online roleplaying game) that is set in the fantasy world of Andolor.[1] It started in 1996 and continues to draw active players.[2][3] As well as being accessible through most MUD clients, a version of MUSHclient is specifically tailored for Aardwolf. The game can also run on Flash and Java.[4] Aardwolf has had up to 500 players online at a time,[5] typically 200–300 online.[6]


Players can choose from seven classes and 3–4 subclass specializations for each class. Players can participate in Player versus player or Player versus environment gameplay throughout, as well as taking part in features such as questing, competing in competitions, and buying a house.[1]

Players can gain up to 200 levels and become a superhero by paying in-game currency for their 201st level. They can also can be born again ("remort") after level 201 to restart the game with new perks and a new class. After playing through all seven of the classes, they can "retier" and restart the game but with greater perks. Players have a choice of 19 races and 7 classes (with 3–4 sub-classes each) during character creation.[7]


Aardwolf was created in 1996 after the lead developer had been playing another MUD known as Aardvark, and was meant as a replacement after Aardvark closed.[1]


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