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Aarhus Festuge
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A small concert arrangement
Genre Culture and arts
Location(s) Aarhus, Denmark
Founded 1965
Aarhus Festuge

Aarhus Festuge (Aarhus Festival) is a 10-day arts and culture festival in the city of Aarhus, Denmark. It takes place every year in late August to early September, in week 35-36. Since its start in 1965, the festival has grown to become one of the largest cultural events in Scandinavia and showcases a mix of local, national and international artists.[1]


Aarhus Festuge presents a very broad array of cultural events from theatre, music and literature to gastronomy, visual arts and architecture. The festival hosts several minor festivals in their own right, like the Food Festival or the rock and experimental jazz festivals of Underland and Ujazz in 2014.[2][3] Sports is also a part of the festivities, both on the small scale and as major events like Marselisløbet, featuring the traditional Marselis Run and the Marselis Bicycle Race since 1972.[4][5][6]

As the city of Aarhus is largely an educational centre, Aarhus Festuge are concerned about presenting events affordable for young students and efforts are made to include the children of the city as well.[7][8] The event brands itself as "WindMade", meaning that the festival is powered by wind power.[clarification needed] The patron of Aarhus Festuge is HM Queen Margrethe II, and the Mayor of Aarhus is Chairman of the Festival Board.[1] The festival attracts a large number of additional events and acts, organized by individual operators independently of the Aarhus Festuge secretariat. In 2014 this amounts to more than 7-800 events, while Aarhus Festuge officially covers 2-300 arrangements.[9]

In 2014 Aarhus Festival took place from 29 August to 7 September. It was the festivals' 50th anniversary, and was marked with the theme ‘Same but different’.[1]


Aarhus Festuge was established in 1964, debuted in September 1965 and has since then become one of the largest themed festivals in northern Europe.

Every year a new theme is chosen for the festival, and events, exhibitions and venues are planning accordingly. The theme for Aarhus Festival 2012 was "BIG" and the festival took place from 31 August to 9 September. In 2011, the theme was "Beautiful Mistakes", in 2010 it was "Neighbours" and in 2009, "The Future Is Near!" was the main theme of Aarhus Festival.


Nearby cities[edit]

Similar cultural festivals are simultaneously held in some nearby cities. Randers Ugen has been celebrated in Randers since 1976 and Trekantsområdets Festuge since 2014 in the cities of Vejle, Fredericia and Kolding and surrounding smaller towns, collectively known as the Triangle Region.[10][11]


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