Aaron Burr (advertisement)

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Aaron Burr
AgencyGoodby, Silverstein & Partners
ClientCalifornia Milk Processor Board
Running time1:00
  • Milk
Release date(s)October 29, 1993[1]
Directed byMichael Bay[2]
CountryUnited States

"Aaron Burr" is the title of a television advertisement for milk, created in 1993. Directed by Michael Bay, it was the first commercial in the "Got Milk?" advertising campaign.[3]


The commercial was created by advertising agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, and initially ran in October 1993 as the first ad in the "Got Milk?" advertising campaign.

It was directed by Michael Bay, then a recent film graduate of the Art Center College of Design.[4] Bay directed his first feature film the following year, and quickly became well-known as a commercially successful film director.[5] According to Jeff Goodby, it was Bay who made the ad "visually unforgettable" with "the idea of having this guy live in a warehouse or whatever", resulting in a "mixture of history and weirdness" that was both memorable and funny.[4]


The ad takes place in a warehouse turned into a private museum or shrine, housing a history buff's collection of artifacts revolving around the Burr–Hamilton duel. The hapless history buff, portrayed by Sean Whalen, spreads peanut butter on a piece of bread while listening to classical music on the radio. At the end of the music, the radio host (voiced by Rob Paulsen) announces a $10,000 contest in which he will make a random call and ask the question, "Who shot Alexander Hamilton in that famous duel?" The man bites off half his folded sandwich in a single mouthful and knowingly looks around his museum, hearing the gunshot as he looks at the guns used in the duel.

The history buff's phone rings, and he interrupts the announcer mid-question, answering correctly by naming Aaron Burr. However, because of the peanut butter sandwich in his mouth, his answer is unintelligible. He quickly tries to wash the sandwich down with some milk, but as he goes to pour a glass, he is horrified to discover that his milk carton has only a drop left. With only a few seconds left, he tries to say the answer again and again, but the announcer is unable to understand him, and hangs up. The history buff stares sadly at his phone, whispering "Aaron Burr...!"

The ad fades out with a baritone voiceover asking, in a near-mocking tone, "got milk?" as the tagline appears onscreen.[4]


Entertainment Weekly, in a 1997 list, named "Aaron Burr" as the 11th best commercial of all time.[6] The ad appeared in the 1999 Reader's Digest VHS compilation Laugh? I Thought I'd Die!.[citation needed] In 2002, it was named one of the ten best commercials of all time by a USA Today poll.[2]

In 2002, nine years after its initial run, the "Aaron Burr" ad ran again in a nationwide television campaign, which was considered a rarity in the advertising industry.[2] At the 2009 Clio Awards ceremony, the ad was inducted into the Clio Awards Hall of Fame.[7][8]

The ad was praised by Fast Company in 2018 as "an ad-world cultural touchstone... bold, original, never before attempted, and never successfully remastered."[4]

In popular culture[edit]

In the years that followed the airing of the "Aaron Burr" advertisement, parodies appeared in several television series and other media:

  • In 2015, the producers of the Broadway musical Hamilton recreated the commercial in a nearly shot-for-shot parody, in which the history buff was played by Leslie Odom Jr., who originated the role of Burr in Hamilton.[6][9]\
  • In the Season 10 Episode 46 of the Nostalgia Critic entitled "War of the Commercials" when the Nostalgia Critic discovers that the Aaron Burr milk commercial was directed by Michael Bay there was a cut to a sketch that makes a modern style version of the commercial except a parody of Michael Bay's modern directing style. Except the question is "Who wrote the legend of King Arthur" instead of "Who shot Alexander Hamilton."


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