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Aaron Crow
Born Brugge, Belgium Belgium
Residence Belgium / Bruges
Other names The Silent Mentalist, The Warrior, Mystical..
Occupation Mystician / danger act
Website www.aaroncrow.com

Aaron Crow is a Belgian mentalist, magician and danger-act, perhaps best known for his spectacular appearances on "Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde", Britain's Got Talent and America's Got Talent. Clips of his performances have amassed well over 12 million hits on YouTube. The Daily Mirror reported, "A BGT insider said: 'Aaron's performance went down a storm with the judges and viewers'."[1]

Aaron Crow is an international TV sensation and was featured in The Sydney Opera House and on Broadway New York with two of his signature acts in the biggest touring magic show in the world "The Illusionist" , alongside fellow magicians as Dan Sperry, Kevin James and Jeff Hobson.

Crow is a highly respected and sought after performer in the entertainment world, both for his strong (silent) stage persona and his unique creations, unseen in the history of magic and thereout.[neutrality is disputed]

Often named "The Silent Mentalist" or "The warrior" or "Mystical", Crow created a unique brand that stands out when it comes to bringing audiences to the edge of their seats.

Mid 2016 he premiered his full evening show "FearLess"in Malaysia.

Early life[edit]

Crow's official website states: "At the age of three, Aaron was rushed to hospital with a needle stuck in his throat. It was a frightening experience, although luckily he made a complete recovery."

On his twelfth birthday, Aaron's parents gave him a book about the legendary Harry Houdini. From the book, Aaron learned that Houdini – the greatest showman of his era – used to perform a famous routine in which he swallowed many sharp needles."[2]

At the age of five, Aaron was startled when a mouse crawled on his back while he was in bed. "Aaron says it made him think about how people overcome their fears – and that the key is to confront them."[1]


He won first place Mental Magic at the "World Championships of Magic".[3] and since then multiple highly coveted awards like "Le Mandraque d'or" in Paris.

He has performed on numerous television shows around the world, but is mainly known for his appearances on Britain's Got Talent, during which he performed a blind-folded swordsmanship act, in 2013[citation needed] in Britain's Got Talent

Crow auditioned for the seventh series of Britain's Got Talent. His audition aired on 27 April 2013. Find his video on YouTube.

Crow led two audience members and host Ant McPartlin onstage. He gave the woman a bag to hold, the man a board to hold upright, and McPartlin a pineapple to hold on top of his head. Next, Crow poured hot candle wax over his eyes and covered his face with bandages, black tape and foil. He then used a Knife to slice the bag, nunchucks to break the board, and a Katana to slice the pineapple in half – all with deadly precision of course.[citation needed]

Simon Cowell stated "That's a great act. I love the idea of watching something where there is a possibility that someone could actually die, and the fact that it was Ant made it more exciting."[4] The other judges also praised the performance.

Alesha Dixon added, "I find you really intriguing. Just the way you commanded the stage and your presence alone was exciting. It was dangerous, I was like oh this is great and you were just fantastic. Loved it."

Amanda Holden stated, "My heart was like pumping through my ribcage. The suspense and the intrigue and the mystery, it was absolutely terrifyingly brilliant."[citation needed]

On 27 May 2013, Crow returned for the semi-finals, during which he shot an apple sitting on host Declan Donnelly's head.[5] He finished fourth.

Since then Aaron Crow has been traveling the world with the bestselling magic show in the world "The Illusionists". He performed in The Sydney Opera House and started an eight-month tour in the US with four week on Broadway New York where the show was a major hit.

In 2016 Crow focussed on his own full evening show called FearLess! The show premiered in Genting Malaysia and is bound to fry audiences worldwide.

He appeared on the thirteenth season of America's Got Talent in the summer of 2018.

Personal life[edit]

Aaron Crow has a science degree and was a teacher in a juvenile institution for many years, where he eventually became head of campus.[citation needed]

He has earned a black belt in Taekwondo.[1] and was for a short while part of the National Belgian Tae Kwon Do team.


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