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Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center, often abbreviated as ADARC, is a medical research institution dedicated to finding a cure for HIV/AIDS. It is headed by scientist Dr. David Ho, who was the 1996 Person of the Year (TIME magazine), and is located in New York City.[1]

Opening in 1991, the center was the brainchild of the Aaron Diamond Foundation headed by his widow Irene Diamond, the NYC Dept. of Health, the Public Health Research Institute and New York University School of Medicine. It became affiliated with Rockefeller University in 1996, and will become part of Columbia University in 2019.[2][3]

ADARC has already made several notable achievements in the fight against the epidemic.[clarification needed]

In April 2017, According to the reports, TaiMed inked licensing agreement with the ADARC for bispecific monoclonal antibody technology.[4]


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