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Aaron Dilloway is an experimental musician born in 1976. He is an improvisor and composer originally from Brighton, Michigan who works with the manipulation of 8-Track tape loops in combination with voice, tape delays and various organic and electronic sound sources. A founding member of the industrial noise group Wolf Eyes (1998 - 2005), Dilloway now resides in Oberlin, OH where he runs Hanson Records and Mailorder.


Dilloway was born in 1976 and grew up in Brighton, Michigan, and as a teenager began attending house shows in the nearby college town of Ann Arbor.[1] He formed a group called Galen in the 1990s, and soon after became a member of Couch, whom Galen had opened for at its first show.[1] He then moved to Ann Arbor and began working with experimental and noise groups, including Universal Indians, and cofounded the group Wolf Eyes, with whom he would perform until 2004.[1]

Late in 2004, Dilloway moved to Nepal, where he recorded prolifically (his own material, field recordings, and Nepalese radio broadcasts).[1] He moved to Ohio in 2007, working with Emeralds among others, and releasing his own material. Among his releases are 2012's Modern Jester[2][3] and 2017's The Gag File.[4][5]


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