Aaron Fechter

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Aaron Fechter
Fechter in 2008, shooting the Rock-afire Explosion documentary at Creative Engineering
Born (1953-12-21) December 21, 1953 (age 64)
Occupation Inventor, engineer, entrepreneur, manufacturer
Years active 1973-present
Website engineeringcreative.com

Aaron Fechter (born December 21, 1953) is an American engineering entrepreneur who owns and operates Creative Engineering, Inc. He invented the Whac-A-Mole and The Rock-afire Explosion, The animatronic band featured at Showbiz Pizza Place.[1][2][3]

Early life and education[edit]

After graduating at Edgewater High School in Florida, at age 19 he earned a bachelor's degree in finance from the University of South Florida.[4][5]


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