Aaron Gwin

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Aaron Gwin
Personal information
Full name Aaron Holmes Gwin
Born (1987-12-24) December 24, 1987 (age 27)
Team information
Discipline Mountain bike racing
Role Rider
Rider type Downhill
Professional team(s)
- Specialized Racing

Aaron Holmes Gwin is an American professional downhill mountain biker from Morongo Valley, California. He is a two-time World Cup overall champion.

Early biking career[edit]

Aaron Gwin started his cycling career off early racing BMX from age 4, by age 8 Gwin was racing all the nationals. At age 12 Gwin moved on to motocross and raced up until he was 17 when he quit due to constant injuries. In 2008 at age 20 Gwin was loaned a bike by fellow professional downhill racer and good friend Cody Warren and was encouraged to compete in a race. In his first race in the Fontana Winter Series he got 3rd and began racing from then on, quickly signing with Yeti Cycles.[1] For breaking onto the international World Cup scene after about 8 months of riding downhill, he became wide-known.[2]

Many saw Gwin as the savior for US downhilling on the international scene since his 10th place finish at the Mont Sainte-Anne World Cup in 2008 was the first American top 10 finish since 2004.[3] He has since won two United States National Championships for Downhill, in 2009 and in 2010. Both were held in SolVista, Colorado.

In 2011 and 2012 Gwin dominated the UCI World Cup downhill series. Gwin won 5 of 7 World Cup races in 2011, and finished 13th at the UCI World Championships in Champery.[4] In 2012, Gwin once again dominated the circuit, taking first place in 4 of 6 World Cup races. He finished in a disappointing 128th at World Championships in Leogang.

Riding style[edit]

Much of Gwin's style and skill come from his motocross days, and his whips and jumping technique show it in videos. He also gained a lot of flow from racing BMX for so many years, bringing him success in Dual Slalom and Mountain Cross. Aaron joined the Trek World Racing Team in November 2010 after relocating to Temecula, CA. During his time at Trek World Racing, he won two World Cup Overall titles, in 2011 and 2012. On January 7, 2013, it was announced that Aaron would be riding for Specialized Racing, replacing Sam Hill on the team. His team mate at Specialized is Troy Brosnan.

Aaron Gwin racing at Val d'Isère (2012 World Cup 6th round)


10th place, Sea Otter Classic Downhill
7th place, MSC #2 Chalk Creek Stampede Mountain Cross
1st place, MSC #2 Chalk Creek Stampede Dual Slalom
4th place, Deer Valley National Dual Slalom
4th place, Deer Valley National Downhill
1st place, MSC #5 Blast the Mass Downhill
1st place, MSC #7 Snowmass G3 Downhill
1st place, MSC #9 MSC Gravity Finals Downhill[5]
UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, Downhill:
10th place, Mont Sainte-Anne, Canada
8th place, Schladming, Austria[6]
1st place overall for the 2011 UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, the first American to ever win a World Cup Overall Title[7] and the first man to win 5 World Cup DH races in one season:[8]
1st place, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa[9]
5th place, Fort William, Scotland[10]
1st place, Leogang, Austria[11]
1st place, Mont Sainte-Anne, Quebec[12]
1st place, Windham, New York, USA[13]
3rd place, La Bresse, FRA[14]
1st place, Val di Sole, ITA[15]
1st place, US Open[16]
1st place overall for the 2012 UCI Mountain Bike World Cup[17]
2nd place, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa[18]
3rd place, Sea Otter Classic Downhill[19]
2nd place, Port Angeles Grand Prix Downhill[20]
1st place, Val Di Sole, Italy[21]
1st place, Fort William, Scotland
1st place, Mont Saint Anne, Canada
1st place, Windham, USA
5th place, Val D'Isere, France (After this race he clinched his 2nd UCI Mountain Bike World Cup championship)

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