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Aaron Johnston is an American author, comics writer, and film producer.[1][2]

Johnston was an associate producer on the movie Ender's Game, including a cameo appearance as an International Fleet officer.[citation needed] He co-authored with Orson Scott Card the First Formic War trilogy, a prequel series to Ender's Game.[3] The series includes Earth Unaware, Earth Afire, and Earth Awakens.[4][5]

His comic credits for Marvel comics include Ender in Exile, Speaker for the Dead, Formic Wars, League War, and Mazer in Prison.[3][6]

He is a writer for BYUtv's original series Extinct[7] and provides the voice for Blue Drone in the series.

His play Lifeloop is an adaptation of Orson Scott Card's short story.[8]

Johnston is a Mormon. He first met Card when he was in the same LDS stake as him in North Carolina.



Title Year Series Format Notes
Invasive Procedures 2007 None Novel
Earth Unaware 2012 Ender's Game Novel
Earth Afire 2013 Ender's Game Novel
Earth Awakens 2014 Ender's Game Novel
The Swarm 2016 Ender's Game Novel


Title Year Series Format Notes
Mazer in Prison 2010 Ender's Game Comic
Ender in Exile 2010 Ender's Game Comic
Speaker for the Dead 2011 Ender's Game Comic
Formic Wars: Burning Earth 2011 Ender's Game Comic
Formic Wars: Silent Strike 2012 Ender's Game Comic


Title Year Notes
Ender's Game 2013 Associate producer
Extinct (TV series) 2017 Writer


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