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Aaron Kuder
Kuder at the 2012 New York Comic Con
Area(s) Writer, Penciller, Inker
Notable works
The Amory Wars: In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth 3
Action Comics

Aaron Kuder is an American comic book artist and writer, who has worked on books such as The Amory Wars: In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth 3, Legion Lost, Green Lantern: New Guardians and Avenging Spider-Man.


Kuder began his career around 2000 on the Ten Ton Studios Forum,[1][2] where he met Nick Pitarra, Reilly Brown, Chris Chua, Khoi Pham, and many other artists, including Chris Burnham, who later would offer him to finish The Amory Wars: In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth 3, which Burnham had to leave because of his Batman Incorporated job.

Kuder is heavily influenced by the work of Arthur Adams and Grzegorz Rosiński, and other artists who embody elements of European-style comics, such as Frank Quitely and Geoff Darrow.[1][2]

After filling on various DC Comics The New 52 books, Kuder was announced as the new artist for Action Comics with writer Greg Pak, their run set to begin in November 2013.[3]


Interior comic work includes:

Covers only[edit]


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