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Aaron Pierce
24 character
First appearanceDay 1 – Episode 2
Last appearanceDay 7 – Episode 24
Portrayed byGlenn Morshower
Days1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Other Appearances24: The Game

Aaron Pierce is a fictional character on the television series 24, played by actor Glenn Morshower. Pierce is a Special Agent with the U.S. Secret Service, tasked with leading the teams guarding, at various times, David Palmer and Charles Logan. Pierce has one son, who, when last he was mentioned, was serving in the U.S. Navy. Aside from Jack Bauer, Pierce is the only character to have appeared in each of the first seven seasons of 24,[1] and is also one of the few long standing characters to survive his tenure in the show.


Aaron Pierce joined the Secret Service during Ronald Reagan's second term in office, and was eventually assigned to the detail of presidential candidate U.S. Senator David Palmer while he was campaigning during Day One. He spoke to Palmer of a son in the Navy on Day Two; his son was brought up again in conversation in Day Four, when Pierce indicated his son recently re-enlisted.

Aaron is an exceptionally dedicated agent, who realizes that he is not the person to determine policy or one to tell his "principal" what s/he should do. However, he is extremely patriotic, shown by his re-entry to government service following his retirement, and also one to realize that, should he witness (or have strong suspicion of) illegal acts, even by his principal, he must report it as failure to do so would constitute complicity. He realizes that his duty is to the U.S. people (he would willingly "take a bullet" in the line of duty), but also that, sometimes, his principal must serve them.


24: Season 1[edit]

During Day 1, Agent Pierce, who was part of a special unit called in when serious threats are made against someone's life, was put in charge of the Secret Service detail protecting Palmer. He helped protect Palmer from two assassination attempts during the course of that day.

Pierce met Jack Bauer twice during the day; first, during a breakfast at the San Clarita Power Plant where an attempt was made on Palmer's life, and for a second time when Jack assisted with the Elizabeth Nash sting operation.

24: Season 2[edit]

During Day 2, Aaron was promoted to Presidential detail, where he was the head of the team assigned to protect Palmer. Before Vice President Jim Prescott attempted to overthrow Palmer with the 25th Amendment to the United States Constitution, David asked Aaron what he thinks Prescott might be doing. Aaron only stated that he thinks Palmer is right, and he should listen to his instincts.

After Palmer was replaced as President by Prescott, Pierce was assigned to guard Palmer until his release. When Palmer wanted to talk with Pierce about the day's events, Pierce explained that he couldn't talk to Palmer, but he did agree to listen. He eventually did talk, despite his best efforts to remain quiet.

Palmer, who was trying to get access to a phone to contact Jack Bauer, turned to Pierce for help. Pierce was able to get him a satellite phone. However, his actions were soon discovered by Mike Novick, who ordered for Pierce to be arrested. Palmer protested, but Pierce was still detained. As Pierce was being taken into custody, Palmer apologized for involving him. Pierce's last words to Palmer as he was being arrested were, "You have nothing to be sorry for, Mr. President." After Palmer returned to office, Pierce was reinstated.

24: The Game[edit]

Aaron is briefly seen escorting President Palmer, who is still suffering the after-effects of his poisoning by professional assassin Mandy, to a suite.

24: Season 3[edit]

During Day 3, Pierce was still assigned to the security detail on Palmer. He stayed on for an extra shift when it looked like the day was going to be rough, which seemed to comfort Palmer. He regularly stood directly outside President Palmer's door to let in a constant stream of visitors, including President Palmer's brother, Wayne, and his ex-wife, Sherry. Later that day, when the terrorist attack on Los Angeles appeared to be inevitable, Agent Pierce tried to convince Palmer to board Air Force One so he could evacuate to a safe location. When Palmer refused, stating his presence was needed in L.A. now more than ever, Pierce didn't object. Aaron told Palmer that he was sorry for his actions, but Palmer told him he shouldn't be sorry for doing his job. For the remainder of the day, he remains at Palmer's side.

24: Season 4[edit]

During Day 4, Pierce was assigned to the security detail for Vice President Charles Logan. As the events of Day 4 unfolded, Logan was sworn in as President, and Pierce once again became part of the Presidential security detail. Pierce later revealed from news archive footage that the hired mercenary, Mandy, who was being offered immunity was responsible for the biological assassination attempt on Palmer at the end of Day 2. Day 4 was the last time that Aaron Pierce and Palmer saw each other on screen.[2]

24: Season 5[edit]

During Day 5, Pierce was the head of the Secret Service detail in charge of protecting President Logan. Early in the day, Pierce became suspicious of Walt Cummings after talking with First Lady Martha Logan. Pierce helped Jack Bauer apprehend Cummings once it was discovered that Cummings had betrayed the United States by helping Russian terrorist Vladimir Bierko obtain several canisters of Sentox nerve gas.[3]

Later in the day, Pierce accompanied the Russian President, Yuri Suvarov, his wife, Anya, and Martha Logan in their motorcade. Pierce helped foil an assassination attempt on Yuri Suvarov orchestrated by the terrorists controlling the nerve gas. Martha confided to Pierce that President Logan knew of the attack and failed to prevent it.[4][5]

While talking with Martha back at the Presidential compound in Los Angeles, Mike Novick interrupted what appears to be a tender moment between the two. Aaron attempted to assure Mike that nothing happened though Mike only warned him not to let it happen again.

Later that evening, Pierce got a call from David Palmer's brother, Wayne, who indicated he had important information that David wanted to share with Pierce. Unfortunately, Wayne's car was attacked by masked men before he could reach Pierce and Wayne had to escape on foot. When Wayne failed to show up for the meeting, Pierce went out to search for him. Wayne and Pierce found each other, and they headed back to the retreat together, narrowly escaping an attack.

Between 11:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m., Jack informs Pierce that the man inside the government responsible for the nerve gas attacks was President Logan himself, and he warns Jack that Logan set out an arrest warrant for him. When Martha confronted Pierce between 12:00 a.m. - 1:00 a.m., he told her to meet him behind the southern horse stables. When Martha appeared and did not see Pierce, she called his cell phone, only to find it on the ground beside her. When Martha asked other Secret Service agents and President Logan about the whereabouts of Pierce, she was informed that he had been transferred back to Washington, DC.

It was later discovered that Pierce was alive and being held in the presidential retreat, having been beaten and restrained. President Logan asked Pierce to remain silent on the issue of Logan's hand in the assassination of David Palmer, offering him his choice of any assignment in the Secret Service (with the exception of the White House). Pierce, however, refused to stay quiet and claimed that it was his duty to seek justice. The normally respectful Pierce expressed his contempt for the President by addressing him by his first name. Subsequently, Logan ordered Pierce to be killed, but the execution was stopped by the First Lady, Martha Logan, when she discovered Secret Service Agent Justin Adams about to drive Pierce away in the trunk of a car. When it looked like Agent Adams was possibly going to shoot Martha, Aaron attacked Agent Adams. Unfortunately, Aaron could not defend himself, but Martha was able to take Agent Adams' gun and shoot him before Aaron could be killed. After a brief period of wiping away blood smeared on Aaron's face, Pierce asked Mrs. Logan to find Chief of Staff Mike Novick and tell him everything about the situation, and sat in waiting to meet Novick.[6]

Mrs. Logan did finally apprise Mike Novick of the situation, who took Pierce out to escape the Presidential Retreat and proceed to safety. During the successful escape attempt, Novick received a call from Jack Bauer requesting assistance from both himself and Pierce to infiltrate Marine One and abduct President Logan to extract a confession. Pierce aided Bauer in the infiltration and the undercover operation.[7]

24: Season 6[edit]

Aaron is retired from his job as Secret Service agent and romantically involved with Martha Logan, and is now living with her. Aaron comes home with groceries, and soon answers a phone call from Charles Logan, who begs him to speak with Martha. As the episode unfolds, Aaron acts as somewhat of a mediator between Charles and Martha, understanding both Martha's feelings and also what was at stake in terms of national security. However, Aaron never predicted Martha attacking Charles with a kitchen knife in a fit of rage. After Logan is rushed out in an ambulance, a shaken Pierce helps Martha through her condition to make the essential call to Anya Suvarov to prevent an international incident.[8]

24: Season 7[edit]

After First Gentleman Henry Taylor is shot and taken to West Arlington hospital President Allison Taylor wishes their daughter, Olivia to be at the hospital with her and asks Bill Buchanan to send someone to escort her — that person being Aaron Pierce, continuing his record of being in every season of 24. Later in the day, as a terrorist attack is being conducted against the White House, Pierce protects Olivia Taylor from General Juma's small attack force, and tries to get them both out of the locked-down building. General Juma then orders his men to search the White House for Olivia to use as leverage to get the President out of the safe room. When one of his men shoots Pierce, Pierce kills him and he buys enough time to tell Olivia to send a morse code message with a flashlight to units positioned outside the White House that it is safe to proceed with a rescue mission. However, she is stopped short by one of Juma's men, and both she and Pierce are taken hostage. After Bill Buchanan sacrifices himself in creating a distraction, Pierce manages to obtain a weapon and secure President Taylor and her daughter, killing at least one of Juma's men.

Later, Olivia visits Pierce as he is being treated for his bullet wound. When she asks what his motivations are and brings up Martha Logan, he refuses to talk about her, implying an unfortunate end to their relationship. After Olivia is appointed temporary Chief of Staff, she asks Pierce to stay as her bodyguard and she will have him reinstated, despite his retirement.

Later Jonas Hodges was taken into custody and offered an immunity deal and witness protection, Olivia Taylor orders him to be assassinated. Aaron Pierce becomes suspicious of Olivia's behaviour around this time and soon enlists in Ethan Kanin's help to retrieve a recording of Olivia's conversation with the contact who helped arrange the hit on Hodges. This soon results in all being revealed to the President, who decides to have Olivia turned over to the authorities.

Day 7 marked the final appearance of Pierce in the series, he is not mentioned at all during Day 8 and Day 9.

In a Reddit AMA writers Manny Coto and Evan Katz mentioned Aaron Pierce again, informing fans that Martha is currently "alive and well, being tended to by Aaron Pierce."


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