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Aaron Snyder
As the World Turns character
Portrayed by
  • Mason Boccardo (1991–95)
  • Agim Kaba (2002–09)
Duration1991–95, 1998, 2002–05, 2007–09
First appearanceJuly 2, 1991
Last appearanceAugust 27, 2009
Created byDouglas Marland
Introduced by
ClassificationFormer, regular
Nightclub manager

Aaron Snyder is a resident of Oakdale on the American TV soap opera, As the World Turns.


Aaron Snyder was born from a one-night stand between Julie Kinney and Holden Snyder, but was adopted after birth by Iva Snyder. Aaron's parentage was hidden from Holden, but the secret didn't stay hidden for long. When Holden discovered the truth, he demanded Julie to tell him if he was the father. After Julie admitted it, Holden suffered a severe memory loss. When Holden returned to Oakdale, he had no memory of his past and it was uncertain if he would ever get his memory back. After divorcing Lily Snyder (to whom he was married at the time), Holden sued for Aaron's custody and won. Holden determined to be a good father for his son, even though he didn't remember his past. A few years later, Holden went to Maryland to participate in a treatment that dealt with memory loss and he sent Aaron to Seattle to live with Julie and Caleb. Later, when Holden returned from Maryland, he regained his memory and reunited with Lily. Thinking that Aaron was happy living in Seattle, Holden decided to let him stay there. Aaron, Julie and Caleb briefly visited to Holden's wedding in 1998, where Aaron was one of the groomsmen. Years later, Aaron (who was now seventeen) ran away to Holden in Oakdale.

Holden had always assumed that Aaron was happy in Seattle, but later he discovered that Julie wasn't home a lot and had some marital problems with her husband Caleb. Aaron, being left alone, became sullen and blamed himself for Julie's and Caleb's problems. This caused him to be arrested for breaking and entering. Caleb became aware of this and thought that Aaron would be better off in Seattle and tried to take him back, but Holden convinced Caleb to let Aaron stay. So Aaron spent the summer on the Snyder farm fixing his motorcycle and met Lucy Montgomery. He became attracted to her, but Lucy's father, Craig, didn't approve of the relationship. He thought that Aaron was bad company and forbade Lucy to see him. When Lucy defied his father, Craig got a restraining order against Aaron. Lucy, worrying about her father's threats to send her away, turned to her mother who convinced Craig to let Aaron and Lucy date.

When Lucy got into a minor accident riding Aaron's bike, Craig talked Holden to send Aaron back to Seattle. Holden reluctantly agreed at first because Lily's pregnancy was in jeopardy from the stress of Aaron being around, but he later changed his mind. When Aaron was blamed for arson, the stress came back. Unable to prove his innocence, Aaron ran away in order to escape the police. After being on the run for weeks, Craig and Hal Munson brought Aaron back. By this time Hal's son had already confessed to the arson and Aaron was a free man. Shortly after that, Lucy got hit by a trolley and was left paralyzed with amnesia. However, Aaron decided to stay with Lucy after gaining Craig's reluctant acceptance.

When Aaron got a job at "The Metro", which was owned by Craig and Dusty Donovan, he chose to deliver a package for Dusty, but ended up being arrested for illegal booking. Dusty stood up for Aaron saying that Aaron didn't even know what he was delivering, but that didn't stop Lucy from leaving Aaron. After that, a heartbroken Aaron ended up sleeping with Alison Stewart.

Alison Stewart[edit]

After sleeping with Alison, she informed Aaron that she was pregnant with his child. When Aaron discovered that Lucy had moved on with her life, Alison convinced Aaron to marry her for the sake of their unborn baby. Aaron was making plans for the future with Alison and the baby, when Alison informed that the baby's father was really Christopher Hughes II. Hurt and angry, Aaron decided to confront Chris about the truth. But Alison convinced Aaron to keep quiet, because she was afraid that Chris would steal the baby. Ultimately Chris found out that the baby was his, when Alison ran off to Chicago to avoid facing Chris. Aaron believed that Alison went to get an abortion and stormed after Alison. Chris had followed Aaron in order to talk to Alison. Alison ran off to the roof and when Aaron got there he saw Chris pushing Alison off the roof and caused her to lose the baby. After Alison's head was clear, she remembered that Chris was helping her.

When the incident was over, Aaron tried to be friends with Alison. He helped her to get a job at the Metro and helped her to keep it hidden from Chris, because earlier Chris had informed Alison that he didn't want her to work there. But after weeks of hiding, Chris found out the truth. To Alison's surprise, he understood. Soon after that Alison and Chris informed Aaron about their engagement. Aaron was shocked, because he believed that Chris didn't appreciate Alison for who she was and tried to convince her it was a mistake. But Alison made a demand that either Aaron accepted their decision to marry or their friendship would be over. Aaron had no choice, but to keep quiet and watch. When the wedding day came, Chris told Alison at the altar that he couldn't marry her. Alison's world felt apart and Chris told her that he was in love with Alison's sister, Emily. Alison realized that Aaron knew the truth all along, when he said earlier to Alison that Chris was seeing another woman, but at the time Alison didn't believe Aaron.

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