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Aaron Solomon Gumperz (December 10, 1723 – 1769) was a Jewish German scholar and physician.

In March, 1751, Gumperz graduated with a degree in medicine from the University of Frankfurt (Oder), his dissertation being "Ueber die Temperamente" (tr. About the temperaments). He was the first Prussian Jew who obtained an doctor's degree. Gumperz was especially known for having been Moses Mendelssohn's teacher of philosophy and for having inspired him with a love for literature. He wrote a Hebrew calendar for the year 5509 (1748-1749), and "Megalleh Sod", a supercommentary on Ibn Ezra to the Five Scrolls. Of the latter work that part dealing with Ecclesiastes was the only one published (Hamburg, 1765; Wilna, 1836). It is followed by an essay entitled "Ma'mar ha-Madda'", on religion and philosophy. Moses Mendelssohn strongly recommended this work in his "Bi'ur Millot ha-Higgayon" (§ 14).


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