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Aaron Tolson
Known fortap dancing

Aaron Tolson (born Manchester, New Hampshire, United States) has been a tap dancer since 1986. He is currently the assistant choreographer, co-creator and assistant producer of Imagine Tap! - a tap show created with Derick Grant.[1] He is also a consultant and writer for Dance Spirit Magazine[citation needed] and an Adjunct Professor of Dance at Plymouth State University in Plymouth, New Hampshire[2] and The Boston Conservatory in Boston, Massachusetts.[citation needed]

Tolson's Training[edit]

Tolson started dancing at the age of ten in Lawrence, Massachusetts.[3] Four years into his dance career he was performing in the Great Tap Reunion at the Apollo Theater. Soon, Tolson met Julia Boynton in Boston,[4] and she guided him in the direction of tap as a lifestyle. He went to St. John's University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications, all the while honing his tap technique in Manhattan. His senior year of college led him to the New York Shakespeare Festival tap program, also known as Funk U! Tolson became a company member of Manhattan Tap and worked with the show Tap Dogs. Jumping feet first into choreography, he found a job with Absolut with a tour called Absolut Tap! He choreographed a piece for their second tour and was a dance captain for all of the teams for two years. Tolson started doing competition pieces in New Hampshire and all over the United States. He has had students compete in the Miss America pageant as well as numerous national and international dance competitions.

Career highlights[edit]

Tolson had a six-year run with Riverdance where he was a featured soloist. The show brought him to Broadway and Radio City Music Hall. He was also the dance captain of the Tap Dancers. He still scouts and trains new tap dancers for the show.


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