Aaron of Trebowla

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Aaron of Trebowla
Born Aaron ben Nathan Nata' of Trebowla
c. 1700s
Died c. late 1700s to early 1800s
Language Ukrainian, Hebrew
Nationality Ukrainian
Period 1755–1768
Notable works Maḳlo shel Aharon (Aaron's Staff)

Aaron ben Nathan Nata' of Trebowla was a Ukrainian Jewish author who flourished about the middle of the eighteenth century. He published at Zolkiev, in 1755, "Shem Aharon" (Aaron's Name), a work containing halakic novellæ to the whole Talmud, and midrashic interpretations of the Pentateuch under the sub-title, "Netibot la-Shebet." He also published a commentary on Talmudic discussions on the Pentateuch, which bears the title "Maḳlo shel Aharon" (Aaron's Staff) and was published in 1768.


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