Aas Ka Panchhi

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Aas Ka Panchhi
Directed by Mohan Kumar
Produced by J. Om Prakash
Written by Mohan Kumar
Rajinder Singh Bedi
Starring Rajendra Kumar
Music by Shankar Jaikishan
Cinematography V. Babasaheb
Edited by Pratap Dave
Release date
Country India
Language Hindi

Aas Ka Panchhi is a 1961 Hindi movie produced by J. Om Prakash. It is written by Mohan Kumar and Rajinder Singh Bedi and directed by Mohan Kumar.

The film stars Rajendra Kumar, Vyjayanthimala and Leela Chitnis. The films music is by Shankar Jaikishan.


Rajan Khanna lives in a family of four including his father, mother and a younger sister. He is involved with his college mate Neena. After graduation, he wants to join the military, but his father wants him to join the same office where he worked for many years. In the heat of the argument, father gets a heart attack and to make him happy Rajan joins the office. After a while, his father passes away and Rajan joins the army. Later, when he returns, nothing is the same anymore. Neena is engaged to get married to a doctor. To avoid his misery Rajan, goes back to the military and takes up a mission to rescue a senior officer. He is behind enemy lines. Will he return alive? Will he get his love back??



# Title Singer(s)
1 "Tum Roothi Raho" Mukesh, Lata Mangeshkar
2 "Ae Dil Pyar Ki Manzil" Mukesh
3 "Haye Meri Uljhi Nazar" Lata Mangeshkar
4 "Dheere Chalo Zara" Subir Sen, Lata Mangeshkar
5 "Dil Mera Ek Aas Ka Panchhi" Subir Sen
6 "Ab Char Dinon Ki Chhutti Hai" Mohammed Rafi
7 "Apni Bhi Kya Zindagi Hai" Mukesh
8 "Title Music (Instrumental)"

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