Aashiq Banaya Aapne

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Aashiq Banaya Aapne
The poster features Tanushree Dutta hugging Sonu Sood. Behind Sonu, Emraan Hashmi is trying to kiss Tanushree. Film title appears at top.
Theatrical release poster
Directed byAditya Datt
Produced by
  • Balabhai Patel
  • Mehmood Ali
Written byAnjaan Sagri
Music byHimesh Reshammiya
CinematographyA. K. N. Sebastian
Edited byIrfan Shaikh
Distributed byShagun Film Creations
Release date
  • 2 September 2005 (2005-09-02)
Running time
115 minutes
Budget50 million
Box office170 million

Aashiq Banaya Aapne (English: You Made me a Lover) is a 2005 Indian Hindi romantic thriller film starring Emraan Hashmi, Sonu Sood, Tanushree Dutta and Navin Nischol. It was released on 2 September 2005. The film marked the debut of actress Tanushree Dutta and was shot under the banner Shagun Film Creations. It's a remake of 2001 Hollywood movie, Tangled.


Karan (Sonu Sood) loves Sneha (Tanushree Dutta) but is too introverted to ever express his feelings to her. Although Karan's feelings are evident to many, he is content in just seeing Sneha smile and never gathers the courage to tell her how he feels. On an occasion Karan invites Sneha to a party where she meets the charming and mischievous Vicky.

Vicky (Emraan Hashmi) is Karan's childhood friend. The exact opposite of Karan, Vicky is an extrovert and a notorious flirt. All three lives change when Vicky joins Karan and Sneha in college, and Sneha begins feeling drawn towards Vicky.

Fearing Vicky's intentions, Karan tries to talk him out of his relationship with Sneha, but Vicky assures him that this time he really is in love with Sneha and not flirting. Karan feels he has lost the only woman he has ever loved but knows he cannot do anything about it. However, life goes on and the three of them share a special bond of friendship. Vicky also tries to help Karan with his love life by setting him up with another college friend, Chandni.

Everything seems to be going well between the two, an incident one night shatters them, where Vicky is caught cheating with Chandni. Things change, trust is broken, obsession and confusion ensue and Sneha is heartbroken and taken aback. Vicky tries to talk to Sneha but Karan intervenes and fights with him. Sneha breaks them apart but takes Karan's side. Vicky parts from them but claims Sneha will always be his. One night, Sneha is left in a paranoid state after Vicky appears to call and maliciously text her followed by pounding at her door and throwing a rock through her window, with a message claiming Sneha as his own. Sneha then turns towards Karan for support. Vicky is later shown getting thrown in jail for handling drugs. Over time, Karan finally musters the courage to propose to Sneha with the willingness of her father.

The night Sneha and Karan gets engaged, Vicky is bailed out of jail and re-enters their lives, bringing Chandni along with him. Vicky gets Karan to confess the truth to Sneha of what really happened. It turns out that Karan could never get over liking Sneha nor his jealousy towards Vicky. After walking in on them, Karan decides to have Vicky entirely removed from both their lives and begins to frame him in order to win Sneha's trust. It is revealed that Karan set Chandni up to drug and seduce Vicky at a time Sneha would catch them together. Karan later steals Vicky's phone and harasses Sneha with it, followed by himself pounding on her door and throwing the rock through her window. Knowing that Vicky kept drugs for a friend, Karan tips the police to have him arrested.

Sneha is shocked and horrified at Karan's misdeeds, saying that she now hates him. Karan then attempts suicide by pointing a gun to his head. As Vicky and Sneha try to stop him, Karan fires a shot in Vicky's direction but instead kills Chandni. Vicky and Karan engage in a bloody fight which ends with themselves and Sneha severely wounded and unconscious. All three are hospitalized as authorities investigate all those incidents. In the end, Karan is arrested for Chandni's murder but apologizes to Sneha and wishes her all the best on his way out. Sneha later reconciles with Vicky and they both profess their love for each other.



The soundtrack album marked debut of Himesh Reshammiya as a singer in Bollywood. According to the Indian trade website Box Office India, the album had around 20,00,000 units sold. The song "Aashiq Banaya Aapne" had been re-composed for the film Hate Story 4, sung by Reshammiya and Neha Kakkar.[1]

All lyrics are written by Sameer Anjaan; all music is composed by Himesh Reshammiya.

Track listing
1."Aashiq Banaya Aapne"Himesh Reshammiya and Shreya Ghoshal6:04
2."Mar Jaawan Mit Jaawan"Abhijeet Sawant and Sunidhi Chauhan4:28
3."Aap Ki Kashish"Himesh Reshammiya, Krishna Beura and Ahir5:33
4."Dil Nashin Dil Nashin"K. K.6:32
5."Dillagi Mein Jo Beet Jaaye"Sonu Nigam, Shaan, Himesh Reshammiya, Jayesh Gandhi and Vasundhara Das4:14
6."Aashiq Banaya Aapne" (Remix)Himesh Reshammiya4:32
7."Dil Nashin Dil Nashin" (remix)K. K.4:32
8."Aap Ki Kashish" (remix)Himesh Reshammiya and Ahir4:41


The film received mostly negative reviews. Ziya Us Salam, reviewing for The Hindu wrote that Emraan Hashmi performs "with such mechanical ease that one would be forgiven for believing that a robot was at work".[2] Rediff.com termed the story as being 'as old as the hills'.[3] Taran Adarsh for Bollywood Hungama, wrote that the film "looks like a collage of scenes, assembled in a film that abounds in mediocrity".[4]


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