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Aasutosh Panigrahi

Aasutosh Panigrahi is an artist and a Guinness World Record holder. He presently holds the record for World's Largest Indoor Mural. The award was acknowledged by Guinness World Records in August 2005.

The largest indoor mural measures 904 m² (9,731 ft²) and was painted by six artists from 27 February to 5 March 2005 at Shyam Vatika, Saraswati Estate, Cimmco Tiraha, Gwalior, India. The painting was co-ordinated by a professional mural artist (Aasutosh Panigrahi) and the owner of the place R P Maheshwary and Ankur Maheshwary.

The art features on all interior walls and ceilings of a privately owned Auditorium, Shyam Vatika, which is used for Banquet purposes. The art as said was intentionally done to break a previously held record.

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