Aaye Kuch Abr

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Aaye Kuch Abr
by Faiz Ahmad Faiz

Aaye Kuch Abr (Urdu: آئے کُچھ ابر transl.Let some cloudy weather come) is a poem written by famous Urdu poet Faiz Ahmad Faiz. It was written during Faiz's life of isolation and separation, while he was lodged in Hyderabad Central Jail during the Rawalpindi conspiracy case. He was away from his wife and two daughters. After being separated from his family, Faiz spent months without seeing them. A few steps ahead of time, Faiz found himself misunderstood in the society in which he lived. Aaye Kuch Abr took this step in Faiz's life but he stands with hope.[1][2]

2011 version[edit]

"Aaye Kuch Abr"
Song by Mehdi Hassan
LabelVintage Pak Meodies
Songwriter(s)Faiz Ahmad Faiz
Composer(s)Mehdi Hassan

In 2011, this ghazal was performed (composed and sung) by Mehdi Hassan.[4]

2019 version[edit]

"Aaye Kuch Abr"
Single by Atif Aslam
from the album Coke Studio S12E6(finale)
Released29 November 2019 (2019-11-29)[5]
StudioCoke Studio
LabelCoke Studio (Pakistan)
Songwriter(s)Faiz Ahmad Faiz
Composer(s)Mehdi Hassan (original)
Producer(s)Coca-Cola and Rohail Hyatt

Later, It was sung by Atif Aslam during Coke Studio season 12 episode 6 (finale), directed by Rohail Hyatt. The video was released on 27 November 2019 by Coke Studio on YouTube. It features Atif Aslam. The music video garnered over a million views in two hours of its release.[6] It has received over 6 million on YouTube as of August 2020.[7]


Atif said about it that “before you even touch a piece like this, you think twice. But the legends' work is not meant to be feared.[8] Faiz Sir's way of writing is very distinctive and our minds can't truly know his poetry."[9][6]


(Bangladeshi singer), Runa Laila


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