Aayudham Seivom

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Aayudham Seivom
Aayudham Seivom.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Udhayan
Produced by Pyramid Saimira
Written by Udhayan
Starring Sundar C
Music by Srikanth Deva
Cinematography K. S. Selvaraj
Edited by Mu. Kasi Vishwanathan
Release date
27 June 2008
Country India
Language Tamil

Aayudham Seivom is a Tamil movie directed by Udhayan starring Sundar C, Anjali, Vivek and Nassar. It was released in 2008.[1] Veteran actor Vijayan was supposed to play in this movie, but he died when the movie was on shooting process.[2]


Saidai Sathya (Sundar C) has little respect for the law. He parks his car in the middle of the road and makes trouble for other vehicles. A traffic policeman, Kandasamy (Vivek), ignores that violation because he is a close friend of Sathya. A social activist and lawyer, Udhayamoorthy (Vijayakumar), drags both of them to court for obstructing traffic and causing a nuisance. Instead of sentencing them, the court sends them to the Madurai Gandhi Museum for help, where they meet a college student named Meenakshi (Anjali).

After he is discharged, Sathya starts a job as a henchman. VBR (Manivannan), a villainous former minister, sends him to steal a confidential file containing vital evidence on the death of the collector Sukanya at Udayamoorthy's place. While he is stealing the file, Udayamoorthy is killed by Sathya accidentally. While dying, Udayamoorthy blesses Sathya by saying "Vazhga Valamudan" (Long Live). These last words haunt Sathya, and, filled with remorse, he vows to carry on Udayamoorthy's good work.

He gathers evidence to discover the murderer of Sukanya, even as VBR burns the documents to destroy the evidence. Sathya continues with his task of exposing VBR, and adopts Gandhian principles of nonviolence and peaceful satyagraha.

Ezhumalai (Napoleon) is a police inspector who vows to avenge the death of his brother, Udhayamoorthy. He thinks that Sathya had killed him, although he later finds out that he didn't. Sathya sits near the Gandhi statue and follows his examples of non-violence, confident that VBR will be arrested. VBR surrenders himself to police and is arrested. The film ends with Sathya getting the justice.



Soundtrack was composed by Srikanth Deva and lyrics written by Pa. Vijay, Snehan and Udhayan.[3]

  • Kandom Kandom — Murugesh, Senthildas
  • Nene Pettaiku — Arsith
  • Innum Oru — Krish, Chinmayee
  • Moonu Kasu — Arsith
  • Kodi Parakudhu — Sriram, Vaishali

Critical reception[edit]

Behindwoods wrote "Although Aayudham Seivom only has the ingredients of a commercial potboiler – fights, an item number, a little more than below-average script, and a comedy track – what makes it stand a little apart is the basic idea of its plot."[4] Sify wrote "Like all Sundar C films, this one is also strictly aimed at the B & C audiences. It could have been far better if Udhayan had tried to explore the unknown instead of going through the same beaten track".[5]