Ab Gaj

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Ab Gaj
Ab Gaj is located in Afghanistan
Ab Gaj
Ab Gaj
Location in Afghanistan
Coordinates: 36°58′59″N 72°42′0″E / 36.98306°N 72.70000°E / 36.98306; 72.70000Coordinates: 36°58′59″N 72°42′0″E / 36.98306°N 72.70000°E / 36.98306; 72.70000
Country  Afghanistan
Province Badakhshan Province
Time zone + 4.30

Ab Gaj (or Abgach) is a village in Badakhshan Province in north-eastern Afghanistan.[1] It is on the left bank of the Ab-i-Wakhan about a mile upstream of the meeting of that river and the Amu Darya, and about ten miles southeast of Kala Panja.[2]

Ab Gaj is inhabited by Wakhi people. The population of the village (2003) is 342.[3]

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