Abadir and Iraja

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Abadir and Iraja
Died Roman era
Venerated in Coptic Church
Major shrine Osjut, Egypt
Feast September 25

Abadir and Iraja are legendary saints in the Coptic Church.

They are reported to have been children of the sister of Basilides, the father of kings. According to their legend, Abadir and Iraja fled from Antioch to Alexandria, were arrested there, brought to Antinoe, and beheaded there with 3,685 companions. These included the following priests:

  • Cluthus, a priest and physician of Antinoe;
  • Apa Paphnutius of Tentyra
  • Apa Isaac of Tiphre
  • Apa Shamul of Taraphia
  • Apa Simon of Tapcho
  • Sissinus of Tantatho
  • Theodore of Chotep
  • Moses of Psammaniu
  • Philotheus of Pemdje
  • Macarius of Fayum
  • Maximus of Vuchim
  • Macroni of Thoni
  • Senuthius of Buasti
  • Simeon of Thou
  • Ptolemaeus, son of the Eparch, and
  • Thomas of Tanphot.

Abadir and Iraja had a church dedicated to them in Osjut in Egypt. Their feast day is on September 25.


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