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Abakanowicz is a surname originating from the szlachta of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth under the Abdank coat of arms in Polish heraldry.[1][2]


The Abakanowicz family is of Tatar descent.[3] A branch of the Krzeczowski clan, they possessed the rights and privileges due nobility in the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth.[3]

The founder of the family was Abul Abbas Fursowicz Krzeczowski, the co-owner of Krzeczowice, who is mentioned in 1565 and 1569.[1] His sons were Józef, Suleiman, Eliasz i Ahmet Abbas-Kanowicze, who are mentioned in a royal document from 1631. Ahmet's son was Janusz known as Abakanowicz, whereas Janusz's son was Jerzy. It is assumed,[3] that Jerzy (Jur) converted to Catholicism, because documents indicate that from the time of Jerzy Jurewicz Abakanowicz, the lord of Podruksze-Lachowszczyzna rodzina the family is documented as professing Roman Catholicism.[3]

Jerzy and Adam Abakanowicz signed the 1763 manifest of the Szlachta of Vilnius Voivodeship.[1][2]

In the rolls of nobility in the Kovno Governorate in the years 1849 and 1860 Michał, Ignacy and Jan, the sons of Kazimierz, and the grandchildren of Jerzy, lord of Podruksze-Lachowszczyzna are listed.[2]

It was borne by at least three notable personalities:


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