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Abana Ba Nasery was a musical group from Kenya. The group was led by Shem Tube (vocals & guitar), backed by Justo Osala (guitar) and Enos Okola (percussion). The group came from Bunyore, Western Province.

The group existed in the 1960s and 70s before disbanding. Afterwards Tube and Osala formed a new group Les Bunyore.[1] In 1989 the Globe Style label released internationally a compilation CD Classic Acoustic Recordings from Western Kenya, containing Abana Ba Nasery's songs from the 60s and early 70s.[2] Abana Ba Nasery reformed in 1991. The same year they were touring in Europe, during which a new album Nursery Boys Go Ahead was recorded.[1]

Since then the bandleader Shem Tube has not actively pursued his musical career, but still as of 2009 gives rare performances.[3]


  • Nursery Boys Go Ahead (1989)
Contributing artist


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