Abandoned (2010 film)

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Abandoned poster.jpg
Official theatrical poster
Directed by Michael Feifer
Produced by Barry Barnholtz
Michael Feifer
Jeffrey Schenck
Diane Healey
Wood Dickinson
Written by Peter Sullivan
Jeffrey Schenck (story)
Starring Brittany Murphy
Dean Cain
Mimi Rogers
Music by Andres Boulton
Cinematography Denis Maloney, A.S.C.
Edited by Bryan Roberts
Renegade Pictures
ARO Entertainment
Barnholtz Entertainment
Feifer Worldwide
Distributed by Anchor Bay Entertainment
Release date
  • August 24, 2010 (2010-08-24)
Country United States
Language English

Abandoned is a thriller film directed by Michael Feifer and starring Brittany Murphy, Dean Cain, Mimi Rogers and Jay Pickett.[1]


The film opens with Mary Walsh (Murphy) who is a banker delivering her boyfriend, Kevin Peterson (Cain), to a hospital for a routine outpatient surgery. A nurse tells her the surgery will be exactly one hour. When she returns to take Kevin home, she discovers that he has mysteriously disappeared. An administrator (Rogers) can find no record of Kevin, and when Mary contacts the police, Detective Franklin arrives and initiates a search for Kevin but finds no evidence that Kevin was ever in the facility.

Increasingly frantic, Mary is taken to staff psychiatrist Dr. Bensley (Peter Bogdanovich), who pronounces her unstable. Now she must not only find her missing boyfriend, but prove her sanity as well.

Mary is then approached by an anonymous older man claiming to know of Kevin’s whereabouts. He demands a ransom of $10 million and informs Mary she has one hour to comply or her boyfriend's life will be at risk. Forced with no other alternative than to embezzle the money to secure Kevin's release, Mary steals the money from her bank. However, when she transfers the funds as directed she comes face to face with Kevin and discovers the terrible truth.

Kevin is part of the gang who "kidnapped" him and she has been ensnared in an elaborate scheme aimed at stealing $10m from her bank. With the money gone and Mary as the only witness the gang decide they need to remove Mary.

Mary successfully escapes from one of the gang members (Holloway) but in so doing she kills him in self-defense. When Halloway's cell phone rings, she picks it up and hears the others waiting on confirmation that she has been killed. Kevin realizes that Mary is still alive and orders the others to return and finish off Mary. The gang attempt to run Mary down in their van, but she somehow manages to escape through a doorway prompting two of the gang to chase her while Amanda stays behind. Mary manages to kill one of them (Cooper) and continues to evade the other.

Detective Franklin, chasing a lead, uncovers the plot and races back to the hospital. When he arrives he manages to apprehend one of the criminals. He also steps in to save Mary's life by shooting an armed Kevin, whereupon the film ends.



Abandoned was shot in June 2009 and was Murphy's last filmed project before her death on December 20, 2009.[2]


Anchor Bay Entertainment acquired distribution rights in North America and released the film direct-to-video on August 24, 2010.[3]


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