Abarth Simca 2000

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The Abarth Simca 2000 was an Italian high-performance automobile produced in the 1960s as a collaborative project of the Simca and Abarth companies in Turin, Italy.

Abarth Simca 2000
Abarth Simca 2000 front.jpg
Manufacturer Abarth and Simca
Production 1963
Assembly Turin, Italy
Layout RR layout
Length 3.609 m (11.84 ft)
Width 1.48 m (4.9 ft)
Height 1.199 m (3.93 ft)

Product description[edit]

The A-S 2000 was a coupé powered by a four-cylinder Abarth engine of 1946.27 cc, rated at 202 PS (149 kW). Its maximum speed was listed as 168 mph (270 km/h). Its overall length was 11.84 ft (3.609 m), overall width was 4.85 ft (1.48 m), height was 3.93 ft (1.199 m), its wheelbase was 6.86 ft (2.090 m), its front track was 4.167 ft (1.27 m), and its rear track was 4.27 ft (1.300 m). Its fuel tank held 6.6 imperial gallons, although optional tanks of 12.1, 18.7 and 24.2 imperial gallons were also available. Its empty weight was 1518 lb (689 kg).

The car's radiator-cooling inlet was a low-set oval in a forward-thrusting nose; there was no obvious forward bumper. The two headlights were set under transparent fairings. The bonnet was long and markedly sloped. Its windshield was more highly sloped than most contemporary vehicles. An upturned air deflector was mounted atop the rear trunk.

The gasoline tank was filled through a lid-covered cap located at the upper-right hand corner of the nearly-flat rear window.