Abashiri River

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Abashiri River (Abashiri-gawa)
Abashiri River 02.jpg
Country Japan
State Hokkaidō
Region Abashiri
Districts Abashiri, City of Abashiri
Municipalities Bihoro, Ōzora, Tsubetsu
Source Mount Ahoro
 - location Tsubetsu, Hokkaidō, Japan
 - elevation 978 m (3,209 ft)
Mouth Sea of Okhotsk
 - location Abashiri, Hokkaidō, Japan
 - elevation 0 m (0 ft)
 - coordinates 44°1′30″N 144°16′30″E / 44.02500°N 144.27500°E / 44.02500; 144.27500Coordinates: 44°1′30″N 144°16′30″E / 44.02500°N 144.27500°E / 44.02500; 144.27500
Length 115 km (71 mi)
Basin 1,380 km2 (533 sq mi)
 - average 13.96 m3/s (493 cu ft/s)

Abashiri River (網走川, Abashiri-gawa) is a river in Hokkaidō, Japan.


Around 1000 years ago, the Okhotsk culture settled the river basin and moved inland. Remains from the Jōmon period have been found on the bottom of Lake Abashiri.[1]


The Abashiri River rises in Tsubetsu on the slopes of Mount Ahoro of the Akan Volcanic Complex. The river leaves the mountains and is joined by Tsubetsu River and Bihoro River before flowing into Lake Abashiri. The river exits the lake and flows into the Sea of Okhotsk at Abashiri.[1]


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