Abasolo, Nuevo León

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Abasolo is both a municipality and a town in the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon. The municipality was named in honor of José Mariano Abasolo, who participated in the Mexican War of Independence.


The municipality of Abasolo is located in the central western region of the state, in the Salinas Valley. Its coordinates are 29º98’ N and 100º23’ W. Abasolo extends over 76.90 square kilometers and is 907 metres (2,976 ft) above sea level.

The municipality limits with the following municipalities, all within Nuevo León: to the North with Salinas Victoria; to the South and West with Hidalgo and Salinas Victoria; to the east with El Carmen.


The prevailing climate in the municipality is temperate and hot, with an average temperature of 18°C; May and June are the warmest months. Average annual rainfall is between 400 and 500 millimeters; August, September and October are the rainy season.

Population centers[edit]

The municipality has a total of 13 population centers, of which the following are the largest:

  • The municipal seat, also named Abasolo, which had a population of 1,780 in 1995
  • Kilómetro 21, population 69
  • Viveros Dávila (La Laborcita), population 25
  • Dolores
  • Los Ligueros
  • Agapita
  • Arroyo Báez
  • Huerta Magdalena

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Coordinates: 25°57′N 100°24′W / 25.950°N 100.400°W / 25.950; -100.400