Abay Opera House

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Abay Opera House
Abay Opera House, main entrance view
General information
Type theatre
Location Almaty, Kazakhstan
Coordinates 43°14′56″N 76°56′45″E / 43.24889°N 76.94583°E / 43.24889; 76.94583Coordinates: 43°14′56″N 76°56′45″E / 43.24889°N 76.94583°E / 43.24889; 76.94583
Completed 1934
Opening 1934
Owner municipality of Almaty

Abay Opera House (full official name - Kazakh: Абай атындағы қазақ мемлекеттік академиялық опера және балет театры (Kazakh State Academic Opera and Ballet House named after Abay)) was built in Almaty in 1934 and named after Kazakh poet, composer, and philosopher Abay Qunanbayuli.[1]

Founder (1934) and first director - Yevgeny Brusilovsky, who created eight national operas and a ballet ("Kyz-Zhibek", "Yer-Targhyn", "Aiman-Sholpan", "Birzhan and Sara", "Kamar-sulu" and others).

Over forty western and Kazakh pieces are performed, including operas, ballets and classical music performances.[2] Another famous opera staged in the Abay Opera House - "Abay", music by Akhmed Zhubanov and Latif Khamidi, libretto by Mukhtar Auezov.

The last renovation of the building was completed in 2000.


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