Abbāsi House

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Abbāsi House
Casa histórica de Abbasi, Kashan, Irán, 2016-09-19, DD 72.jpg
General information
Architectural styleIranian
LocationKashan, Iran
Coordinates33°58′34″N 51°26′26″E / 33.9762°N 51.4405°E / 33.9762; 51.4405

The Abbāsi House is a large historic house museum in Kashan, Iran. It was built during the late 18th century and belonged to a wealthy glass merchant.[1][2] It is partly converted into a teahouse, a traditional restaurant, and a small shop.[2][3] Other such houses, including the Borujerdi House and the Tabātabāei House, are located nearby.


The Abbassian House consists of several courtyards and multistorey buildings, and is decorated with plaster reliefs, mirror-work, and stained glass.[2] One of the chambers has a ceiling designed with mirror pieces so as to give the impression of a starry sky under the nocturnal glitter of candlelight. Secret passageways were also built into the house.[citation needed]

A panoramic view of the Abbāsi House.



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