Abba Jofir

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Abba Jobir
King of the Kingdom of Jimma
Reign 1932
Predecessor Abba Jifar II
Full name
Moti Abba Jobir
Dynasty Kingdom of Jimma

Moti Abba Jobir Abba Dula is a member of the Oromo people who was King of the Gibe Kingdom of Jimma (reigned 1932). He was the grandson of Abba Jifar II. He aligned himself and the Oromo people and served fascist Italian occupation of Ethiopia.


When Abba Jifar II grew senile in his later years, Abba Jobir attempted to seize the throne of the Kingdom of Jimma. However, Emperor Haile Selassie responded quickly and sent military forces against Abba Jobir. They brought him back to Addis Ababa, where he was imprisoned.[1]

Following the Italian invasion, Abba Jobir was made Governor over part of the Italian East Africa province of Galla-Sidamo. He proved useful to the occupiers, helping with Italian propaganda broadcasts to the Arabic-speaking world. In return, they allowed him a bodyguard of ten armed men, a privilege given to few Ethiopian potentates during the occupation.[2] Following the Italian defeat in 1942, Abba Jobir was imprisoned again, and later given amnesty.


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Preceded by
Abba Jifar II
Kingdom of Jimma Succeeded by