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Abba Seafood AB
Joint-stock company
FounderChristian Gerhard Ameln
Key people
Johan Sundelin (CEO)
RevenueSEK 1.266 billion (2011)[1]
Total assets1.158 billion
Total equity531.152 USD
OwnerOrkla ASA
Number of employees
about 391 (2012)[1]
ParentEiser Company

Abba Seafood AB, formerly Abba AB, with head offices in Gothenburg, Sweden is a company producing preserved fish products. The main factory is located in Kungshamn.

The company was established in Bergen 1838 and in the 1850s it moved to Stockholm. The name AB Bröderna Ameln, ABBA, was registered in 1906. In 1981, it was merged into Volvo, was sold to Procordia and is since 1995 a part of the Norwegian Orkla ASA. In 2013, Abba Seafood was acquired by Orkla Foods Sverige AB.

Some of the company's most well known products include Kalles kaviar and Abba pickled herring.

They are known for having let the Swedish pop group ABBA share the name in 1974.[2]

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