Abbas Ali Khan

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Abbas Ali Khan
Native name عباس علی خان
Born Sahibzada Abbas Ali Khan
(1978-11-23) 23 November 1978 (age 38)
Islamabad, Pakistan
Nationality Pakistani
Alma mater Preston University, The City School
Years active 2006–present
Relatives Moazzam Ali Khan (brother)
Musical career
  • Pop
  • Classical
  • Sufi
  • Vocals
  • Guitar
Associated acts

Sahibzada Abbas Ali Khan (born 23 November 1978), better known as Abbas Ali Khan is Pakistani singer, songwriter and music producer from Islamabad.[1][2] Abbas has released two independent albums "Sun Re" and "Tamaam Alam Mast".[3]

Early life and career[edit]

Abbas was born on 23 November 1978 in Islamabad, Pakistan to a musician's family. He joined a local band "Amadeus" at the age of fourteen and wrote his first song "Qadam Say Qadam" in 1987.[4] Abbas received training of Classical music from Fateh Ali Khan and began his career as a music composer. "My guru Ustad Fateh Ali Khan has been an exception in this regard. He taught me whatever I could absorb, which is why I was able to bridge intuition with influence," said Abbas.[5][6] He released his debut independent album "Sun Re" in 2006 by which he gained popularity as a solo musician. He remained inactive for few years and made his comeback in 2012 with a single "Per Main Hun Ruka Sa" which received nomination at 1st Hum Awards for Best Solo Artist.[7][8] Abbas joined Coke Studio in 2014 and released his second independent album "Tamaam Alam Mast" (Entire Universe in Ecstasy) in the same year.[9] He told in an interview that the album is a Sufi album with kalams in Urdu and Persian. The album was also nominated at 14th Lux Style Awards for "Album of the Year".[10] Abbas has done background score for the films Dekh Magar Pyar Se (2015) and Jalaibee (2015).[11][12] He will also give background score to the upcoming film Azad.


Year Nominee/work Award Result
2012 "Per Main Hun Ruka Sa" 1st Hum Award for Best Solo Artist Nominated
2013 "Bolay" 2nd Hum Award for Best Solo Artist Nominated
2015 "Tamam Alam Mast" 14th Lux Style Award for Best Album Nominated



No. Album Singer/Composer Year Notes
1. Sun Re Abbas Ali Khan 2006 debut
2. Tamaam Alam Mast Abbas Ali Khan 2014 nominated for Lux Style Award


No. Film Year Notes
1. Dekh Magar Pyar Se 2015 background score
2. Jalaibee 2015 background score
3. Azad TBA background score


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