Abbas Almohri

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Abbas Almohri
Ayatollah Sayed Abbas Almohri
Title Ayatollah
Born 1915
Mohr, Fars Province, Iran
Died 15/2/1988
Tehran, Iran
Nationality Kuwait
Ethnicity Arab
Region Kuwait, Iran, Iraq
Religion Islam
Jurisprudence Shia Islam
Creed Shia Islam
Main interest(s) jurisprudence, politics
Notable work(s) A radius of the History (شعاع من التاريخ), Ayatollah Montazeri's teaching reports (Never published)

Ayatollah Sayyed Abbas Almohri (1915–1988) (آية الله سيد عباس المهري) was one of the first Kuwaiti Shia scholars based in Kuwait. He was born in Iran in the province of Fars. He studied religion in Najaf and then he went to Kuwait to help people learn more about their religion and specifically the creed of Shia.

He helped Ayatollah Khomeini in his revolution against the Shah of Iran. Later he started a political reformist movement in his country. Within a few months of the Islamic Revolution, in 1979, he was forced to leave Kuwait with his family[1] as the authorities sought to prevent an Islamic Revolution in the state (Ghabra, S.N. 1995).

Abbas Almohri's family members are Kuwaiti nationals.[2] His eldest son Ayatollah Sayyed Mohammad Almohri was one of the most respected scholars in Kuwait. He was Imam of Shaban mosque (after his father) in Sharq, Kuwait. His younger son Ayatollah Sayyed Mortadha Almohri is a known former jurisprudence student of Ayatollah Sistani.[3][4]