Abbazia della Misericordia

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Abbazia della Misericordia
Abbazia della Misericordia Venezia.jpg
AffiliationRoman Catholic
LocationVenice, Italy
Abbazia della Misericordia is located in Venice
Abbazia della Misericordia
Shown within Venice
Abbazia della Misericordia is located in Italy
Abbazia della Misericordia
Abbazia della Misericordia (Italy)
Geographic coordinates45°26′37.95″N 12°20′6.59″E / 45.4438750°N 12.3351639°E / 45.4438750; 12.3351639Coordinates: 45°26′37.95″N 12°20′6.59″E / 45.4438750°N 12.3351639°E / 45.4438750; 12.3351639
Church of the Abbazia della Misericordia and Scuola vecchia della Misericordia
Madonna with Child

The Church of the Abbey of Misericordia (Italian: Santa Maria dell'Abbazia della Misericordia or Santa Maria di Valverde) is a religious edifice in Venice, Italy, in the sestiere Cannaregio.


It was founded in the 10th century. The façade was restored in 1659 by the patrician Gaspare Moro. It is decorated by allegoric statues, including a bust of Moro, all work by Clemente Molli. On the right is a 13th-century bas-relief depicting the Madonna with Child.

The church was in dismaying condition in the 19th century, and was restored until 1864. It is adjacent to the Scuola vecchia della Misericordia.

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