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The Abbey of Our Lady of the Holy Trinity was a Trappist Cistercian monastery in Huntsville, Utah that was founded in 1947 at the invitation of Bishop Hunt of Salt Lake City.


The monks briefly used temporary World War II barracks which had been left on the location, and soon moved to Quonset huts. Plans to replace the deteriorating huts[1] were placed on hold in 2007.[2]

32 monks were with the abbey when it was founded, and at one point the abbey held 84 monks and novices.[3]

The monks supported themselves by farming and beekeeping on the abbey's 1,840 acres. Among other goods, they sold bread and multigrain cereal, and the monastery's "Trappist Creamed Honey" became well-known. As the number of monks at the monastery dwindled and the average age among those remaining increased, these industries were gradually discontinued. The monastery no longer sells any of its own agricultural products, and most of the land has been leased to other farmers, with proceeds from the lease helping to support the monastery.[4] The monks continue to run a retreat house for up to a dozen visitors.[5]

As of 2017 there are only 7 elderly monks living at the Monastery. The process of selling and closing down the monastery began in stages.[6] On August 27th, 2017, the final Mass was celebrated at Holy Trinity Monastery. The Monastery has now closed.


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