Abbondio Sangiorgio

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Portrait bust of Giuseppe De Cristoforis

Abbondio Sangiorgio (16 July 1798 – 2 November 1879) was an Italian sculptor of the neoclassical period.


Born in Milan, Sangiorgio studied at the city’s Accademia di Brera. During his early career he worked for the Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano; later he received numerous commissions for large public sculptures in places including Turin (a Castor and Pollux for the Palazzo Reale), Milan, Brescia and Casale Monferrato (an equestrian portrait of Charles Albert of Piedmont-Sardinia). He also produced a large number of portrait sculptures in which he was able to express a predeliction for realism over neoclassicism.

Among Sangiorgio's students was Pietro Magni.


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