Abbot of Arbroath

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Abbey seal, depicting the murder of St Thomas
Another abbey seal, again depicting the murder of St Thomas

Abbot of Arbroath or the abbot of aberbrothok (and later Commendator) was the head of the Tironensian Benedictine monastic community of Arbroath Abbey, Angus, Scotland, founded under the patronage of King William of Scotland from Kelso Abbey and dedicated to St Thomas of Canterbury. The abbot, John Gedy, was granted the mitre on 26 June 1396.[1][2] Arbroath Abbey became the wealthiest and most powerful abbey in later medieval Scotland. The following is a list of abbots and commendators. According to the poem The Inchcape Rock by Robert Southey , abbot of aberbrothok, John Gedy tied a bell to the inchcape rock in 1300s to warn mariners of the perilous rock.


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