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Abbot of Battle was the title given to the abbot of Battle Abbey in Sussex, England. The abbey was founded in 1067 by William the Conqueror and the first abbot was Robert Blanchard, who drowned soon after his appointment. The following table gives the abbots from the founding of the abbey until 1216, and is from Heads of Religious Houses: England and Wales 940–1216.[1]

Name Dates Notes
Robert Blanchard 1067 previously monk at Marmoutier Abbey
Gausbert c. 1076–1095
Henry 1096–1102 previously monk of Bec Abbey and prior of Christ Church Priory
Ralph 1107–1124 previously monk at Bec, and at Caen, and prior of Rochester Cathedral Priory
Warner 1125–1138 previously monk at Canterbury
resigned or was deposed
retired to Lewes Priory
Walter de Luci 1139–1171 monk of Lonlé
brother of Richard de Luci
Odo 1175–1200 previously prior of Canterbury
John de Duvra 1200–before1215
Richard 1215–1235 previously monk of Battle Abbey


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