Abbott's Meat

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Abbott's Meat
TypePrivate Corporation
Industryfood processing
Area served
Key people
Ed Abbott, CEO[1]
Productsmeat products

Abbott's Meat is a meat packing company located in Flint, Michigan. Koegel's hot dogs are considered by the authors of "Coney Detroit" as only acceptable hot dog for a Flint-Style Coney Dog along with Abbott's coney sauce.[3][4] Abbott's chili sauce's primary ingredient is ground beef heart.[5]


Abbott's Meat started in 1907 on the University of Michigan-Flint parking ramp's future site. When the Flint-style coney began in the 1920s, Abbott's began making coney sauce.[1]

In July 2007, Abbott's Meat, had voluntarily recalled 26,600 pounds of meat products due to a possible E. coli contamination. E. coli was detected by regular testing with no reported illnesses.[2] All Halo Burger locations were shut down for a day due to the recall.[6]


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