Abbott Cove

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Abbott Cove is located in Newfoundland
Abbott Cove
Location of Abbott Cove in Newfoundland

Abbott Cove (sometimes written Abbot Cove) is a bay and community in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.[1]

The 1913 McAlpine Gazetteer lists the community in Twillingate district and states that the nearest post town is Fortune Harbour.[2]

An 1884 pilot guide discusses an Abbot Cove in Notre Dame Bay:

Eastern point, the extreme of a narrow promontory rising to a wooded cone, 390 feet high. Foul ground extends a short distance from the head, and sunken rocks encumber Abbot cove, the bight close east of Eastern point. A conspicuous hill, 435 feet high, falls perpendicularly to the head, where a small village is situated.[3]

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Coordinates: 49°32′02″N 55°18′00″W / 49.53383°N 55.29990°W / 49.53383; -55.29990 (Abbot Cove)