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The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful family
Type Fictional family
Created by William J. Bell
Origin The Young and the Restless
Original run 1980 (1980) – present (present)
Address Abbott Manor, 603 Glenwood Drive

The Abbott family is a fictional family and one of the core families from the CBS Daytime soap opera, The Young and the Restless. The family is represented by the late John Abbott's children Jack Abbott, Ashley Abbott, Traci Abbott, and Billy Abbott. The family is most known for their ongoing feud with the Newman family, which has mostly revolved between Victor Newman and Jack Abbott.

Family members[edit]

First generation[edit]

  • Robert Abbott (deceased)

Second generation[edit]

  • John Abbott Sr. (born August 1, 1928; died August 18, 2006) - Son of Robert & Grandson of Evan

Patriarch of the Abbott family. Father of Jack Abbott, Traci Abbott, and stepfather of Ashley Abbott with Dina Mergeron. Father of Billy Abbott with Jill Foster. John founded the cosmetics company Jabot. John has married numerous times over the years (include multiple marriages to the same people). John's former wives include: Dina Mergeron, Jill Foster, Jessica Blair, and Gloria Fisher. He is the grandfather to Colleen Carlton, Keemo Volien Abbott, Kyle Jenkins Abbott, Delia Abbott, Johnny Abbott, and Katie Abbott.

  • Ivan Abbott - John's brother

Third generation[edit]

Jack is the son of John Abbott and Dina Mergeron. He served during the Vietnam War and graduated from Harvard University. During Vietnam he had an affair with Luan Volien that resulted in the birth of Keemo Volien Abbott. He later married Luan. Jack has also been married (some cases multiple times) to Patty Williams, Lindsey Wells, Nikki Newman, Phyllis Summers, and Sharon Newman. Over the years Jack also maintained a romance with Diane Jenkins. Jack has a fierce rivalry with Victor Newman, and has also served as an executive at Jabot Cosmetics for much of his career. His children include Keemo Volien Abbott, Kyle Jenkins Abbott, and John Abbott III, who was a stillborn.

Ashley is the daughter of Brent Davis and Dina Mergeron but raised as John Abbott's daughter. Ashley's professional career revolves mostly around her family's company Jabot. Ashley has been married numerous times over the years. Her ex-husbands include Steven Lassiter, Victor Newman (two marriages), Blade Bladeson, Cole Howard, Brad Carlton, and Tucker McCall. Her children include two stillborns, Robert Carlton and Hope Newman, and her daughter Abby Newman. Ashley has lived in New York City, but has recently decided to return to Genoa City.

Traci is the only biological daughter of John Abbott and Dina Mergeron. She has had a very successful career as a novelist. She used to be a singer, and had developed a rivalry with Lauren Fenmore. Traci has been married to Danny Romalotti, Brad Carlton (two marriages), and to Steve Connelly to whom she was married to until mid-July 2014 when their divorce was finalized. She had a daughter, Colleen Carlton, who died in 2009. Traci lives in New York City, but returns to Genoa City often.

Billy is the son of John Abbott and Jill Foster from their second marriage. Billy has been notoriously the "Black Sheep" of the Abbott family. He is known for his gambling addictions, alcoholism, and playboy behavior. He had a brief career at Jabot Cosmetics before managing a tabloid, Restless Style and then buying and running the restaurant "On the Boulevard". Billy had been married to Mackenzie Browning, Chloe Mitchell, and to Victoria Newman from whom he is recently divorced from after an affair with Kelly Andrews. His children include Delia Abbott with Chloe, Johnny Abbott through an affair with Chelsea Lawson (Johnny is the legal son of Victoria Newman after adopting him during her marriage to Billy) and Katie Newman with Victoria.

Fourth generation[edit]




Family tree[edit]

Brent Davis
Dina Mergeron
John Abbott
Jill Foster
Luan Volien
Jack Abbott
Diane Jenkins
Ashley Abbott
Victor Newman
Traci Abbott
Brad Carlton
Chloe Mitchell
William Abbott
Chelsea Lawson
Victoria Newman
Keemo Volien Abbott
Kyle Jenkins Abbott
Abigail Newman
Colleen Carlton
Cordelia Abbott
Johnny Abbott
Katie Newman


John Abbott (born 1928; died 2006)
  m. Dina Maiden name Unknown [divorced]
    c. John "Jack" Abbott Jr. (born 1953–54)
      a. Luan Volien (deceased)
        c. Keemo Volien Abbott (born 1974)
      m. Patty Williams [1982-1983; divorced]
        c. Unnamed child (miscarriage)
      a. Jill Foster
        c. Unnamed child (miscarriage) {Possibly John's}
      m. Lindsay Wells [1985; invalid]
      m. Nikki Newman [1990-1994; divorced]
        c. Unnamed child (miscarriage)
        c. Unnamed child (miscarriage)
        c. John Abbott III (born 1993; died 1993)
      m. Luan Volien [1995-1996; widowed]
      o. Diane Jenkins (artificial insemination)
        c. Kyle Jenkins Abbott (born 2001)
      m. Phyllis Summers [2001-2004; divorced]
        c. Unnamed child (miscarriage)
      m. Sharon Newman [2007-2009; divorced]
      m. Patty Williams [2010; invalid] (Patty poses as Dr. Emily Peterson)     
      m. Nikki Newman [2012; divorced]
      m. Phyllis Summers [2015–present] (married)
    c. Traci Abbott (born 1964)
      m. Danny Romalotti [1984-1985; annulled]
      m. Brad Carlton [1986-1989; divorced]
      m. Brad Carlton [1991-1992; divorced]
        c. Colleen Carlton (born 1992; died 2009)
      m. Steve Connolly [1993-[present]
    a. Brent Davis (deceased)
      c. Ashley Abbott (born 1960; raised as John's daughter)
        m. Steven Lassiter [1988; widowed]
        a. Victor Newman
          c. Unnamed child (abortion; 1987)
        m. Victor Newman [1990-1993; divorced]
        m. Blade Bladeson [1994-1995; widowed]
        m. Cole Howard [1998-2000; divorced]
        o. Victor Newman (stole Victor's sperm)
          c. Abigail Newman (born 2000) {adopted by Brad}
          m. Ben Rayburn [2015–2016; divorced]
            c. Unnamed Rayburn (daughter, miscarried)
        m. Brad Carlton [2000-2006; divorced]
          c. Robert Bradley Carlton (stillborn; 2003)
        m. Victor Newman [2009-2010; divorced]
          c. Faith Colleen Newman (stillborn; 2009)
        m. Tucker McCall [2011-2012; divorced]
  m. Jill Foster [1982-1986; divorced]
  m. Jessica Blair [1988-1989; divorced]
  m. Jill Foster [1993-1995; divorced]
    c. Billy Abbott (born 1993)
      m. Mackenzie Browning [2003; annulled]
      a. Chloe Mitchell
        c. Cordelia Abbott (born 2009; died 2013)
      m. Chloe Mitchell [2009; divorced]
      m. Victoria Newman [2010; invalid]
      m. Victoria Newman [2010-2011; divorced]
        c. Unnamed child (miscarriage)
      a. Chelsea Lawson
         c. Johnny Abbott (born 2012)
      m. Victoria Newman [2011-2014; divorced]
         c. Katie Newman (born 2014)
  m. Gloria Fisher [2004-2005; invalid]
  m. Gloria Fisher [2006; invalid]
Jabot Cosmetics
Publicly held company
Industry Cosmetics
Founded 1960's by John Abbott, Sr.
Headquarters Genoa City, Wisconsin, United States
Key people
Jack Abbott, Majority Owner, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Products Perfumes, Hair Care, Makeup

Fictional company history[edit]

Jabot has had a tumultuous history. In the early 1980s John considered following his son Jack's advice to sell Jabot but then changed his mind once he found out that the company offering to buy Jabot (Mergeron Enterprises) was owned by his ex-wife Dina Mergeron (Marla Adams). A few years later Jabot had another shake up when after finding out his son Jack Abbott (then Terry Lester, now Peter Bergman) was having an affair with his younger wife Jill Foster Abbott (then Brenda Dickson, now Jess Walton) he disowned Jack and fired him from Jabot. John filed for divorce and because he didn't want the facts about Jack and Jill's affair made public he gave Jill a divorce settlement that included 1/4 ownership of Jabot, an executive position worth $150,000 a year, and a seat on the Jabot Board of Directors. John replaced Jack with his new son-in-law Brad Carlton (Don Diamont), who was a salesman to that point. Jill and Brad started the Jabot Men's Line and made it into a success. But after a while the job became too much for Brad to handle and so John hired Jack back.

In 1990 Jack convinced John to go public with Jabot, by selling shares of Jabot stock in the stock market. This backfired on Jack when his rival, Newman Enterprises, C.E.O. Victor Newman (Eric Braeden), bought enough shares to take over control of Jabot. Losing Jabot caused John to have a heart attack and caused Victor to fire Jack and replace him with Brad (this because Victor and John were good friends). To get back at Victor, Jack married Victor's ex-wife Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott), before Victor could propose remarriage to Nikki. Victor offered to give control of Jabot back to the Abbott family, if Jack divorced Nikki. Even though Jack had fallen in love with Nikki, he accepted Victor's offer out of guilt and loyalty to John. But Victor used a loophole in the contract and voided the deal. Jack did however return to work at Jabot. After Nikki found out Jack chose Jabot over her she started divorce proceedings. But after Jack saved her daughter Victoria's life and then finding out she was pregnant with Jack's child, Nikki decided to stay with Jack. Victor later married Jack's sister and Jabot's chemist Ashley Abbott (then Brenda Epperson, now Eileen Davidson).

A couple of years later Jack with Brad planned a hostile takeover of Newman Enterprises. But Victor found out about it and during a heated exchange Victor fired Jack and then collapsed. Jack walked over Victor and towards the door leaving him to die. But Jack used his better judgement and called 911, saving Victor's life.

After having confrontations with Ashley, Nikki, and his daughter Victoria, Victor went on a trip to the country to get away from his problems. Victor was robbed and carjacked and the man who did it ended up dying in a car accident in Victor's car. Everyone back in Genoa City thought Victor was dead and so Jack used "Victor's death" to his advantage and took over control of Newman Enterprises. This also meant he controlled Jabot as well. Jack appointed Brad head of Newman Enterprises. Months later Victor returned to Genoa City alive and well. Victor once again fired Jack for taking over control of Newman Enterprises and as a result John and Ashley resigned from Jabot. The Abbotts decided to create a new cosmetics company to rival Jabot. But because of Victor their loan application was denied and so their plans were halted. Jack then promised to stay away from Jabot if Victor hired John and Ashley back. Eventually Jack returned to Jabot as well.

Many years later Victor was missing and once again thought to be dead after his airplane crashed in New Mexico. Jack and Brad once again took over control of Newman Enterprises by changing spreadsheet numbers and packing the Newman Board of Directors with Jack's old flame and Victor's newest ex-wife Diane Jenkins (Alex Donnelley) and with her lawyer Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc). When Victor returned it was tougher for him to wrest control of his company away from Jack and Brad.

In the fall of 2012, Jack took control of Newman Enterprises and implemented a merger between the two companies. He hired Neil as CEO so he could concentrate on running Newman Enterprises. However, Jack fired Neil after a disagreement and brought in Cane to act as CEO. Cane, who was uncomfortable with replacing his father-in-law, brought Neil back in to run the company while Jack was distracted by his pill addiction and ongoing efforts by Victor to regain control of Newman.


Key people[edit]

Current owners
Former owners
Current employees
  • Ashley Abbott, (Board Member, CEO of Jabot chief chemist, Former executive for Jabot/House of Kim in Hong Kong, Former head of research and development at Jabot Cosmetics, Former CEO of Jabot Cosmetics, Former president of Jabot Cosmetics, Former CEO of Jabot Cosmetics, subsidiary of Tucker McCall Unlimited, Former executive at Jabot Cosmetics, Former CEO of Jabot Cosmetics, Former Co-CEO of Jabot Cosmetics (due to Jack's paralysis) )
  • Billy Abbott, (Board Member, COO, former Vice president of marketing at Jabot Cosmetics, Temporarily headed Jabot Face of Fashion, Former head of research and development at Jabot Cosmetics, executive at Jabot Cosmetics, Former Co-CEO of Jabot Cosmetics, Former CEO of Jabot Cosmetics, Former Jabot director of Marketing, Former NVP/Jabot liaison for House of Kim, Hong Kong, Worked part-time in the mail room at Jabot Cosmetics, Former "Glo By Jabot Kid" for Jabot Cosmetics)
  • Jack Abbott, (Partner in Newman-Abbott Enterprises, Former CEO of Jabot Cosmetics, Former Co-CEO of Jabot Cosmetics, subsidiary of Tucker McCall Unlimited, Former CEO of Jabot Cosmetics, subsidiary of Chancellor Industries, Former owner and former Co-CEO of Jabot Cosmetics, Former CEO of Jabot Cosmetics)
  • Phyllis Abbott, (Head of Jabot Face of Fashion (currently Newman-Abbott Enterprises), Former Glo By Jabot webmaster at Jabot Cosmetics, Former director of Internet affairs at Jabot Cosmetics, Former head of research and development at Jabot Cosmetics)
  • Traci Abbott Connolly, (Board Member)
  • Jill Abbott Fenmore, Board Member, Former CEO of Jabot Cosmetics, Former CEO of Jabot Cosmetics, but still a stockholder, Former executive of Jabot Cosmetics, head of the men's line, Former liaison to the photo studio at Jabot, Former management trainee at Jabot)
Former employees
  • John Abbott, (Founder and Former Chief Executive Officer, Former Chairman of the Board of Directors) (Deceased)
  • Kelly Andrews, (Former Event manager)
  • Cane Ashby, (Former Chief Executive Officer)
  • Gloria Abbott Bardwell, (Former Majority Shareholder, Former Director of Creative Affairs; Former Receptionist)
  • Jeffrey Bardwell, (Former Majority Shareholder)
  • Chase Benson, (Former Advertising Sales)
  • Christine Blair, (Former Model)
  • Joe Blair, (Former Photographer)
  • Blade Bladeson, (Former Photographer)
  • Chris Brooks, (Former Model)
  • Mackenzie Browning, (Former "Glo By Jabot Kid" for Jabot Cosmetics)
  • Brad Carlton, (Former COO at Jabot Cosmetics, Former executive at Jabot Cosmetics, Former forklift operator at Jabot Cosmetics)
  • Colleen Carlton, (Former "Glo By Jabot Kid" for Jabot Cosmetics)
  • David Chow, (Former Co-Chief Executive Officer, Board Member)(Deceased)
  • Carol Robbins Evans, (Former secretary)
  • Skip Evans, (Former Photographer)
  • Kevin Fisher, (Former director of internet affairs at Jabot Cosmetics)
  • Tobias Gray, (lab technician, spying for Victor Newman)
  • Raul Guittierez, (Former "Glo By Jabot Kid" for Jabot Cosmetics)
  • Devon Hamilton, (Former marketing intern at Jabot Cosmetics)
  • Hilary Hamilton, (Former assistant to Jack Abbot at Jabot Cosmetics (and Newman-Abbott Enterprises)
  • Yolanda Hamilton, (Mail Room Attendant)
  • JT Hellstrom, (Former "Glo By Jabot Kid" for Jabot Cosmetics)
  • Brittany Hodges, (Former "Glo By Jabot Kid" for Jabot Cosmetics)
  • Diane Jenkins, (Model
  • Joanna Manning, (Designer/Stylist)
  • Mari Jo Mason, (Former Art Director)
  • Carmen Mesta, (Former PR Consultant) (Deceased)
  • Leslie Michaelson, (Former chief legal advisor for Jabot Cosmetics)
  • Tyler Michaelson, (Has creative control of marketing for Jabot fashion division, Director of the "Dare to be Different" campaign at Jabot Face of Fashion, Former graphic designer working in Jabot Face of Fashion marketing department)
  • Ji Min Kim, (Former Chief Executive Officer) (Deceased)
  • Rianna Miner, (Former "Glo By Jabot Kid" for Jabot Cosmetics)
  • Chloe Mitchell, (Former Fashion Coordinator)
  • Abby Newman, (Works in marketing at Jabot Face of Fashion (currently under Victoria at Newman-Abbott), Did product promotion for Jabot Cosmetics)
  • Adam Newman, (Co-Chief Operating Officer at Newman-Abbott Enterprises (as Gabriel Bingham) with Victoria Newman, Former marketing executive at Jabot (as Gabriel Bingham))
  • Chelsea Newman, (Lead fashion designer for Jabot as 'Chelsea by Jabot' (currently Newman-Abbott Enterprises), Former collaborator with Jabot as 'Chelsea by Jabot')
  • Nikki Newman (Board Member, former Jabot Executive, Former Co-Chief Executive Officer)
  • Noah Newman, (Former Photographer's Assistant, Photographer)
  • Sharon Newman, (Former spokesperson for Jabot Cosmetics, Former mentor to the models at Jabot,Fit-model at Chelsea by Jabot (apparently never was called in to work)
  • Summer Newman, (Former model for Jabot Face of Fashion, Former intern at Jabot Cosmetics)
  • Victor Newman (Former Partner in Newman-Abbott Enterprises, Former secret owner of Jabot Cosmetics)
  • Victoria Newman (Co-Chief Operating Officer of Newman-Abbott Enterprises (with Gabriel Bingham), Former executive with Jabot Cosmetics)
  • Audrey North, (Former secretary)
  • Damon Porter, (Former Chemist)
  • Gwen Randall, (Former accountant)
  • Ben Rayburn, (Chemist at Jabot Cosmetics (currently under Victoria at Newman-Abbott))
  • Heather Stevens, (Former Corporate Attorney, In-House Counsel)
  • Drucilla Winters, (Former model for Jabot Face of Fashion, Former intern at Jabot Cosmetics) (missing and presumed dead)
  • Lily Winters, (Former Fresh Face of Jabot Spokesperson)
  • Malcolm Winters, (Former Photographer)
  • Neil Winters, (Former Chief Financial Officer of Newman-Abbott, Former executive trainee at Jabot Cosmetics, Briefly CEO of Jabot Cosmetics, Former head of Jabot Face of Fashion)


  • Chelsea Lawson By Jabot
  • Tuvia
  • Glow By Jabot
Former employees:
Billy Abbott
Brittany Hodges
Colleen Carlton
JT Hellstrom
Mackenzie Browning
Phyllis Summers
Raul Guittierez
Rianna Miner
Sean Bridges

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