Abbottabad Public School

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Abbottabad Public School
Pashto: ایبٹ آباد پبلک سکول
Urdu: ایبٹ آباد پبلک سکول
Abbottabad Public School logo.jpg
Motto "Character is Destiny"
Established 1961
Type Semi-Government
Principal Brig (R) Dr Muhammad Javed
Academic staff
Students 550
Over 120 enrollment per year
Location Abbottabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa,  Pakistan
Campus Liaqat House, Iqbal House, Jinnah House, Sir Syed House, Nishtar House, Sardar Bahadur House, Sultan Tipu House, Rehman House
Nickname aps

Abbottabad Public School (APS), formerly Railway Public School and Abbottabad Public School and College, is a public, all boys, boarding school for 7th to 12th grade students, located in Abbottabad, Pakistan.[1] APS follows the philosophy of the British boarding schools where academic rigour is balanced with a disciplined boarding life with activities ranging from intramural sports to debating and cultural events. Abbottabad Public School is located at an altitude of about 4500 feet.[2][3][4][5]


In 1957, Pakistan Railways opened up a school outside Abbottabad on land donated by Sardar Bahadur Khan,[citation needed] brother of Field Marshal Ayub Khan who later became the President of Pakistan. The school was called Railway Public School. After two years it was closed and then after a gap of one year, in April 1961, the school was renamed as Abbottabad Public School.

In 1986, Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq, the then President, renamed the institution as Abbottabad Public School and College. Later on, the school Board of Governors, in its meeting on July 20, 2002, deleted the words “and College” and gave the institute its original name Abbottabad Public School. It is popularly known as APS and its alumni as Abbottonians. The founding Principal was M. A. Rahman.

The main campus is 10 km outside Abbottabad on the road (Mansehra Road) that eventually becomes Karakoram Highway. It covers an area of about 55 acres (220,000 m2). The school is surrounded by deep natural crevices in almost a U-shape. The only non-crevice side faces a high mountain. The Karakoram Highway passes between the school and the mountain.

Boarding houses[edit]

APS has seven main boarding houses in which all boarders reside. Up to a hundred students can live in each of these houses, in different room capacity dormitories. Each of these houses has a House Master, a House Tutor and several student Prefects. The houses are:

     Iqbal House[edit]

Color Red; This House is named after Pakistan's national Poet Allama Iqbal. This is located near Football Field on 1st Floor, right down the Liaqat House. And demonym of boarders of Iqbal House is Iqbalian and they are recoqnised by their sports uniform in Red. This House has hitory of early 1956. It was made in time of Railway Public School.

     Jinnah House[edit]

Color Green; This House is named after Pakistan's national Hero Quide e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. This is located near Mosque in west of Basketball court 3 on 1st Floor, right down the Sirsyed House. And demonym of boarders of Jinnah House are Jinnahites and they are recoqnised by their sports uniform in Parrot Green. This House has hitory of early 1956. It was made in time of Railway Public School. Mr. Shoaib Afridi is running Jinnah House.

Matric Charge Prefects : Talha Khan

8th Class Room Incharge : Zulfiqar Khan

8th Class : Ghazan Fayaz, Mazam, Usman, Ahmed, Fayzan, Muhammad Ahmed, Mamoon Akhtar

     Liaquat House[edit]

Color Yellow; This House is named after Liaqat Ali Khan. This is located in north of Football Field on 2nd Floor of Iqbal House. And demonym of boarders of Liaquat House are Liquatites or Liaqutians and they are recoqnised by their sports uniform in Yellow. This House has hitory of early 1956. It was made in time of Railway Public School.

     Sir Syed House[edit]

Color Dark Blue; This House is named after Sir Syed Ahmad Khan. This is located near Mosque in west of Basketball Court 3, right on 2nd floor of Jinnah House. And demonym of boarders of Sir Syed House are Syedites and they are recoqnised by their sports uniform in dark blue. This House has hitory of early 1956. It was made in time of Railway Public School

     Nishtar House[edit]

Color Dark Brown; This House is named after Pakistani political activist and politician Abdur Rab Nishtar. This is located near the Football Field on 1st and 2nd Floor. And demonym of boarders of Nishtar House is Nishtarian and they are recognised by their sports uniform in Dark Brown.

     Rehman House[edit]

Color Light Blue; The day-scholar house is Rehman House, named after Mr M. A. Rehman, the first principal of APS. This is located Near School Building in South of Hockey Ground 2. It has only one floor and boys donot live their mostly they go home when school is over. And demonym of Rehman House are Rehmanians and they are recognised by their sports uniform in light blue.

     Sardar Bahadur House[edit]

Color Green; This is located in south of Football Field on 1st floor, right down the Sultan Tipu House. And demonym of boarders of Sardar Bahadur House are Bahadurites and they are recoqnised by their sports uniform in Light Green. This recently made Boarding House and wad made in 2004. Sardar Bahadur House is well known in school for having Best Football players,and from many year this house is holding Football champion's trophy. Recently Bahadurites took 90% activities with their name on the top and won Quaid-e-Azam Shield (For over all Performance), Kamran Bangesh Shield (For Sr.Sports),Capt.Ammanullah Shield (For Jr.Sports) House Master: Mr. Sohail Mehmood, House Tutor: Mr. Abid Hussain Shah Prefects: Shahzad Hussain, Farrukh Saeed, Abdullah Masood, Mohsin Ali

     Sultan Tipu House[edit]

Color Orange; This House is named after Sultan Tipu. This is located near Football Field on 2nd Floor, right upon the Sardar Bahadur House. And demonym of boarders of Sultan Tipu House is Sultanians and they are recoqnised by their sports uniform in Orange. This recently made Boarding House and wad made in 2004 but in very next year after the 2005 earthquake this house was damaged along with two other houses.Currently Jinnahites are sharing their house with Sultanians. Mr.Asghar Awan is the House Master of this House while Mr.Shams-uz-Zaman is Junior House Master.

Student life[edit]

Facilities include a Mosque, one main dining hall and a cafeteria, grocery store, general store, book store, barber shop, cobbler, washerman pit, and fruit shop. Facilities are Given to Student are as following:

Medical Facilities[edit]

A Medical Officer assisted by two Dispensers manages the School hospital. In addition to general treatment, the students are inoculated against Typhoid, Cholera, Tetanus and Hepatitis – B. As and when required the boys are referred to specialists according to their demands and the expenses incurred are borne by the parents. The hospital also extends medical facilities to the staff and their families residing on the Campus. An ambulance is also readily available on the campus for students and staff

Computer Studies[edit]

The School has a fully equipped Computer Lab. Qualified instructors are available to impart knowledge related to computer to junior classes.


A qualified Librarian is looking after the School Library and an attendant assists him. The library is quite spacious, wall-to-wall carpeted and properly ventilated. It houses more than 8,000 books on various subjects. Daily newspapers in English and Urdu; local and foreign magazines and periodicals are also subscribed. These reading materials help the students in developing their study habits.

Religious Teaching[edit]

Religious education is taught at Abbottabad Public School. Islamiyat is a compulsory subject at all stages of the School curriculum. Five time prayers are mandatory and the daily routine begins with the morning congregational prayers followed by the Nazira class for the learners of the Quran. The boys are also taught lessons on the fundamentals of Islam. They are encouraged to memorize certain important Suras of the Quran, the life of Muhammad, early caliphs, saints and heroes of Islam is also highlighted.

School Transport[edit]

In order to meet the demand of the staff and students the School is in possession of two busses, one mini bus one HiAce and one van, which are readily available for routine and emergency use, thus ensuring maximum transport facilities

Heating System /Generator[edit]

The students enjoy the facility of hot water in winters as geysers are installed in the hostels and masjid regardless of the expenses amounting over millions of rupees, borne by the School coffers entirely.

Guest House[edit]

The School has a well-furnished Guest House to provide residential facilities on the Campus for the parents visiting from far-flung areas. It caters for Boarding and Lodging requirements at the cost determined by the School as per rules.

Common Rooms[edit]

All the houses have a recreation rooms, called a “common-room”, with television / LED, DVD, table tennis, carom, chess, draughts and Scrabble. Common Rooms are opened for Students for Tuesday Nights, Saturday Nights and Whole Sunday. And some times for Final Matches of Cricket.

Other Amenities[edit]

The shopping center, consisting of stationery and tailor shops, general provision store, green grocery and meat shops, a post office and a branch of National Bank of Pakistan, provides for the general needs and requirements of all the residents of Abbottabad Public School. The school also accommodates a cobbler, washer man/launderer and barber to meet the necessities. There is a cafeteria which caters to the needs of the students, staff and parents.


There is one football field, two hockey fields, one cricket field, four basketball courts, one tennis court, one volleyball court and an outdoor swimming pool. Table tennis, chess, Carom board, etc. are included in indoor games. Events like Gymnastics, Athletics Olympiad, etc. are held annually. Inter-House Sports and Inter-College Sports fixture, etc. are also held against Cadet College Hasan Abdal, Cadet College Kohat, Lawrence College Ghora Gali, Rashtriya Indian Military College, Uttaranchal (India), etc.

Notable alumni[edit]


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