Abd-al-Hafid Mahmud al-Zulaytini

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Abd-al-Hafid Mahmud al-Zulaytini
Abd-al-Hafid Mahmud al-Zulaytini.jpg
Governor of the Central Bank of Libya
In office
7 October 1990 – 13 February 1996
Preceded by Muhammad az-Zaruq Rajab
Succeeded by Taher Al-Jehaimi
In office
6 March – 2 April 2011 (acting)
Preceded by Farhat Bengdara
Succeeded by Muhammad az-Zaruq Rajab
Personal details
Born 1938 (age 79–80)

Dr. Abd-al-Hafid Mahmud al-Zulaytini (Arabic: عبد الحفيظ محمود الزليطني‎) is a Libyan politician who served as Assistant Secretary of the General People's Committee of Libya (Deputy Prime Minister) prior to the Libyan Civil War.[1]


In late 2001, Zulaytini took over from Ahmad Abdel Karim Ahmad as acting chairman of the governing council for state-owned National Oil Company (NOC), becoming the top man in the petroleum sector in Libya. Ahmad had been chairman since 1 October 2000 and was relatively a new figure promoted by someone close to Gaddafi. He had taken over from Abdallah Salem el-Badri. Zulaytini was appointed as NOC chairman in January 2002, with specific directions to work on attracting foreign investment into Libya.[2]

On 23 February 2007, the Libyan General People's Congress passed a resolution appointing a new cabinet led by Baghdadi Mahmudi, the current prime minister and a new deputy, al-Zulaytini.[3]

Other activities[edit]

Al-Zulaytini is also deputy chairman for the Libyan Investment Corporation (LIC), which was established in early 2007 as a holding company with a mandate to manage and restructure state enterprises, such as the Fund for Africa and the Economic and Social Development Fund. Board member include Planning Secretary Taher Al-Jehaimi, Finance Secretary Muhammad al-Huwayj, and Farhat Bengdara, who is governor of the Central Bank of Libya. LIC's President and CEO is Muhammad Layas who previously chaired the Libyan Arab Foreign Bank (LAFB).[4]

Zulaytini is also the current chairman of Al Masraf, a commercial bank in the United Arab Emirates.[5]

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