Abd al-Ghani al-Maqdisi

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‘Abd al-Ghanī al-Maqdīsi
al-Maqdisi manuscript
Title Taqi ad-Din
Born 1146 CE/541 AH[citation needed]
Died 1203 CE/600 AH[1]
Resting place Al-Qurafah cemetery
Ethnicity Arab
Era Islamic golden age
Region Ash-Sham
Occupation Islamic scholar
Religion Islam
Jurisprudence Hanbali[2]
Creed Sunni
Main interest(s) Hadith
Notable work(s)

‘Abd al-Ghanī ibn ‘Abd al-Wāḥid al-Jammā’īlī al-Maqdisi (Arabic: عبدالغاني المقديسي‎) was a classical Sunni Islamic scholar and a prominent Hadith master.[vague][4][citation needed] His full name was al-Imam al-Hafidh Abu Muhammad Abdul-Ghani ibn Abdul-Wahid al-Jammaʻili al-Maqdisi al-Hanbali. He was born in 541 AH (1146 CE) in the village of Jummail in Palestine. He studied with scholars in Damascus; many of whom were from his own extended family. He studied with many scholars including the Imam of Tasawwuf, Shaykh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani. He was the first person to establish a school on Mount Qasioun near Damascus. He died in 600 AH (1203 CE).[5]

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