Abdallah II of Ifriqiya

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Abu 'l-Abbas Abdallah II (Arabic: أبو العباس عبد الله‎, Abū l-ʿAbbās ʿAbd Allāh; d. 27 July 903) was the tenth Emir of the Aghlabids in Ifriqiya (902–903).

He took over the Emirate after his father Abu Ishaq Ibrahim II was forced to abdicate after a tyrannical rule. He immediately set about trying to reduce the autonomy of the Kutama Berbers in order to stop the Ismailite mission of Abu 'Abdullah al-Shi'i, however without success. An effort to replace the Malikite law schools with Hanifites from Iraq also failed. Abdullah was murdered by his son Abu Muda Ziyadat Allah in 903.