Abdallah Mohamed Kamil

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Abdallah Mohamed Kamil
عبدالله محمد كامل
Born 1936
Obock, Djibouti
Predecessor Ahmed Dini Ahmed
Successor Barkat Gourad Hamadou

Abdallah Mohamed Kamil (عبد الله محمد كامل) (born 1936, in Obock) is a Djiboutian politician. He served as Prime Minister of the country from 5 February 1978 to 2 October 1978.

Abdallah Mohamed Kamil holds a diploma from the French Sciences Po. He acted as Secrétaire général du gouvernement in 1974. Prior to Djibouti's independence in 1977, Kamil held the posts President of the Government Council (29 July 1976–18 May 1977). He served as Minister of Foreign Affairs in the first post-independence government, and following the resignation of Prime Minister Ahmed Dini Ahmed, he was appointed as Prime Minister at the head of a new government on 5 February 1978, while remaining Minister of Foreign Affairs and also becoming Minister of Defense.[1] President Hassan Gouled Aptidon dismissed his government on September 21, 1978 and subsequently appointed Barkat Gourad Hamadou to succeed him.[2]


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Preceded by
Ahmed Dini Ahmed
Prime Minister of Djibouti
Succeeded by
Barkat Gourad Hamadou